White Paper | The 7 Deadly Web Application Security Sins

The devil makes work for idle hands – or so the saying goes. Nowadays however, getting ‘hacked’ has become far more than being infiltrated by a bored bedroom geek. Indeed, cyber crime is now such big business that it attracts real technical entrepreneurs chasing the promise of serious payback – either directly through fraudulent activity, or indirectly through the selling of any data with a perceived value. Wrong, yes. Devilish behaviour, most certainly. But idle? Far from it.

Protection from such activity has become big business too. From virus protection, anti-phishing tools and firewalls through to complex corporate network security and strict policy control regarding employee obligations, there is a constant battle between hackers and the security practitioners who have made profitable businesses out of security related products and services.

An area that is still so often missed however, is the area of security good practice within a business’ IT applications. We often find that whilst a company can exhibit good practice around Operating Systems, email and staff disciplinary procedures, the attitude to bespoke web software development is much weaker. There are a number of reasons for this – in our experience seven to be precise!

Written by Arrk Group’s security specialist partners, Matta Consulting, this paper aims to explore the most common sins and also exposes the myths that most often cause businesses to operate without appropriate web application security procedures in place.

Forewarned is forearmed!

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