Why Arrk?

Customer-Centric & Delivering Values

Our Success- Customer's Trust & Contentment

Customer expectations are changing rapidly and are far exceeding what many companies can currently achieve. This is driving a fundamental rethink about how technology can be used to fulfil these emerging needs, keeping existing customers happy and opening opportunities for new customers to find what they need from their brand.

At Arrk, we enable businesses to succeed by developing scalable platforms that meet the needs of our customers both now and in the future. Our success has been driven by building trust based, value-added relationships with major organisations who recognise that we bring a unique approach to development – working in concert to achieve a common goal.

Customer Satisfaction

The true reflection of our success is the feedback we receive from our customers on how we are helping them achieve their business objectives. Therefore, we undertake quarterly reviews with all our customers to assess our service levels and to ensure we are delivering real business value. This is a cornerstone of our DNA and so we publish this information for everyone to see.

Customer Satisfaction Survey - Consolidated Ratings


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October 2023 to December 2023

Customer Satisfaction Survey - Historical Chart

Supporting all Parts of Your Business

Leveraging technology maximises business efficiency across a whole organisation. Through our discovery processes, we work closely with our customers to identify opportunities to drive efficiencies and cost savings. From your employee onboarding process through to your supply chain management, it’s about finding the best way for technology to drive your business outcomes – for your customers, your people, and your partners.

Arrk's Accelerated Delivery Method

For any company aiming to compete in the future and be ahead of the competition, speed is of the essence and must be a key priority. Our Rapid Digitisation Service is a unique approach to developing digital services and delivers new, easy to use and engaging solutions in a matter of weeks.

Over 75% of the projects we deliver are executed using the Agile delivery methods and the consultants in our Agile Practice are very experienced not only in the technical aspects of this approach but also in establishing management level processes that ensure that Agile-led projects are set-up in a manner that maximises their successful delivery.

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