Embracing Offsite Manufacturing and Digital Construction

Today’s construction industry is at inflection point. With concerns over uncertain and volatile economic growth, construction companies need to embrace change or face the risk of being out-performed and out-innovated by their competition.

Digitisation is generating disruption and the emergence of new business models requires new processes for operations and delivery. Digitising expertise, knowledge, intercompany collaboration, commissioning and operations is crucial to improve the current poor performance of the construction industry and its paper based processes.

Arrk’s highly-skilled consultant teams and wide range of technology solutions and services can bring greater efficiency and scalability to power faster completion rates.

Edge application stimulates construction of greener buildings


Shaping the Minds of the Future through Innovative Technology

From chalk and blackboards to virtual learning environments, the education sector landscape has transformed dramatically over the years. Digital transformation plays a crucial role in delivering personalised experiences for the people of the future, offering anytime anywhere learning facilities to help students progress at their own pace.

Increased flexibility, student engagement and empowering educators are amongst many benefits of schools, colleges and universities embracing new technologies that help deliver competitive institutional differentiation.

Arrk’s in depth understanding of the education sector derives from many years of experience in designing, developing and implementing cost effective and sustainable technology services and solutions for education institutions.

Digitising school application procedures

Financial Services

Transforming Financial Institutions for a Tech-Driven Future

With the Financial Services industry amidst technology disruption, regulatory change and growing customer expectation, it is vital that companies differentiate themselves within this increasingly competitive landscape.

Not only is digital innovation essential for generating business growth and profitability, but also, the more technologically-sophisticated customer now requires an omni-channel delivery model that tailors to their individual needs, behaviours and patterns.

At Arrk, we use our vast sector expertise to offer Financial Services companies the most streamline, frictionless and innovative solutions.

Premium Digital Solution Accelerates Loan Applications

Accounting & Payroll

Staying Ahead of the Curve

Technology and disruptive trends are changing the way money is handled around the world. With some accounting departments continuing to struggle with paper-based systems, most businesses have taken their first steps towards a paperless system.

From machine-learning tech dealing with high-level economic calculations, to Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence technologies, these exciting new initiatives are improving efficiency and reducing time and cost associated with finance and accounting functions. Faster expense auditing, simplified payment processing and lowered financial risks, are all benefits of implementing a more digital model.

Today, tax preparations, accounting and payroll services are what your clients need, but what they want is a trusted advisor who will help them run their business better. Our wide range of technology services and solutions can help Accounting firms cater their client’s needs and wants, to avoid becoming commoditised. With our highly-skilled consultant teams, we can help your firm optimise their client experience.

Premium Digital Solution Accelerates Loan Applications


Thriving in changing times

The banking landscape is experiencing unprecedented change thanks to new distribution models, regulatory impact and a radical shift in customer requirements, which all means that now more than ever a robust and comprehensive growth strategy is needed to thrive.

The challenge is great, yet for those organisations that offer long-lasting, tangible value to its customers, the rewards are greater. Arrk has helped financial services organisations navigate the shifting sands of the banking sector since 1998, building up extensive domain knowledge.

We have in-depth knowledge on a wide range of technology solutions. Our highly-skilled consultant teams can help across the board of business and technology challenges faced in the banking sector.

Premium Digital Solution Accelerates Loan Applications

Commercial Finance

Providing a customer-centric and streamlined experience

Unique customer demands, complex lending processes, strict regulatory requirements, siloed systems and inefficient middle/back office operations are only a few of the challenges faced by Commercial Finance companies today.

If competition from banks of various sizes wasn’t enough, the additional growing presence of alternative and P2P lenders are shaking up the Commercial Finance industry. Successful lenders need to navigate through each of these challenges and reinvent their business processes to provide a customer-centric and streamline experience.

Our wide range of technology solutions can help Commercial Finance companies upgrade their operational efficiency to a straight through process, in a cost effective way. Our highly-skilled consultant teams can aid in the management of risk and regulatory compliance, against revenue and profitability.

Premium Digital Solution Accelerates Loan Applications

Personal Finance

Technology Adapting to Consumer Demands

Technology has completely changed every aspect of how we handle our money. From how we bank, budget, pay and get paid, to how we feel about financial security, it is all now available on one device; our phones. Changing customer demands for personal finance services means that a “one-size-fits-all” approach no longer works. Consumers now want anytime-anywhere access to their finances, and available all in one place.

As more and more digitally innovative startup companies are bringing their new and exciting business models to the Personal Finance space, the competition to attract and create incentive for customers is increasing. Companies who offer personal finance need to step away from the confines of the traditional financial system and reinvent their customer strategy.

Using our vast offering of technology solutions and services, Personal Finance companies are able to innovate and transform their customer journey, in a way that will differentiate their business from the competition.

Premium Digital Solution Accelerates Loan Applications

Wealth Management

Enhancing the Value of Wealth Management

Once a backwater for technological innovation, where the personal experience and service were absolutely paramount to the Wealth Management industry. However, in today’s environment, this has changed, with High Net Worth Individuals demanding unparalleled access to their investments whenever and wherever they are in the world through innovative technological solutions which can be customised and personalised around the needs of the individual.

Arrk has 20 years experience working in the financial services industry, successfully delivering hundreds of innovative digital projects to a broad spectrum of organisations.

Premium Digital Solution Accelerates Loan Applications


Driving Profitable Growth for the Future

Customer expectation and disruptive newcomers are redefining the insurance marketplace. Insurers remain focused on two overarching goals: growing top-line sales and strengthening bottom-line profitability.

The introduction of insurance aggregators into the market has increased competition and price pressure, which ultimately means that insurers are being forced to cut their premiums and, therefore, driving profitable growth is a challenge. To ensure that they are positioned as an insurer of choice for their customers, insurers must address these challenges and continue to create innovative solutions, which provide services that customers want – low premiums and high level of service.

Arrk’s highly-skilled consultant teams and wide range of technology services and solutions can help insurers cut operating costs, whilst addressing risk and compliance, a enhance the customer experience.

Premium Digital Solution Accelerates Loan Applications

Media & Publishing

Encouraging Companies to Thrive in a New Wave of Convergence

The digital marketplace is changing rapidly which places new demands on the Media and Publishing industries. Often synonymous with creativity and innovation, many of these organisations, processes and tools need to evolve with the new business models and drive to provide consistent and high-quality service to its customers.

The adoption of new technologies and platforms is shifting the expectations of a voracious and outspoken consumer. Media and Publishing companies must take on a top-to-bottom approach with their infrastructure and one that supports both old and new business models to capitalize on the growth and revenue opportunities that this challenge represents.

Arrk’s expert consultants and wide range of technology solutions and services can help clients to reevaluate, improve and automate their systems with a focus on digital supply management to ensure media assets can be easily found and distributed across media platforms.

Transforming bricks to clicks

Non Profit

Transformative Technology Fit for the Digital Age

As technology evolves at a rapid rate, nonprofit organisations must anticipate and prepare for change in order to remain competitive in 2018 and beyond. With few nonprofit companies integrating technology into their operational strategy, the growing performance gap is limiting their mission and fundraising potential.

Due to lofty missions under tight budgetary constraints, nonprofit organisations place an emphasis on a cost effective approach to adopting technology. Investing in transformative technology is key to streamlining business process and managing resources, as well as, increasing revenue and improving constituent relationships.

Arrk’s expert consultant teams and innovative technology services and solutions can help these organisations adapt their strategies and processes to maintain relevant and influence social change.

Building an online charity donation and payment portal

Public Sector

Service User Adoption Expertise

Brexit is providing a backdrop of political turbulence and dominating the government and public sector agenda, with trade customs, immigration and employment at the forefront of focus. Despite this, the new Industrial Strategy had a vision to build a Britian fit for the future and, with this, come a strong necessity for innovative digital solutions.

Technology plays a huge role in the constant social and economic change and complex challenges of an uncertain future. As public sector organisations navigate the new, they must strive to supply better quality, low-cost solutions which will ensure sustainable economic development, whilst increasing accountability and improving citizen’s environment.

From process improvement to business model transformation, at Arrk, we have a wealth of experience helping public sector organisations provide services that are simple, easy and deliverable, and produce valuable citizen outcomes.

A Wheelie Good Waste and Recycling Digital Service


Bricks and Mortar + Clicks and Orders

A shift in consumer demands is causing a state of crisis in the retail industry. With the implementation of new direct-to-consumer business models by established and emerging brands disrupting the status quo, the increased competition is forcing retailers to rethink their business strategy.

Across our technology services and solutions, Arrk can equip retailers with industry insight and expertise to address long-term structural change and optimize costs, which will result in profitable growth and leading customer experience.

Digital transformation of an outdated distribution system


Providing Solutions that Know No Bounds

The rapid pace of the changing technology landscape is challenging executives across all sectors. Today, everything we do is enabled by technology and now, market leaders are rethinking how they envision, evolve and deliver technology solutions.

It is time to shift in focus from proofs of concept and niche offerings to business strategies anchored in innovative use cases and prototypes designed for industrialisation.

We have in-depth knowledge on a wide range of technology solutions such as customer onboarding, origination process innovation, numerous integration solutions including CRM, data management and archives, cloud migration, legacy system replacement and rapid, bespoke digital innovation projects. Our highly-skilled consultant teams can ensure that technology companies are able to take advantage of changing economic conditions, shifting consumer behaviour patterns and technological advancements.

Transforming NUS Extra to TOTUM

Travel & Leisure

Digitise Your Customer’s Travel Experience

Change in the form of digital disruption has already arrived within the Travel & Leisure sectors.

With a sector that is dependent on consumer confidence and business sentiment, technology and the emergence of an increasing number of entrants in the market offering more personalised, consumer-friendly offerings is increasing the pressure to deliver innovation, quality and value.

At Arrk, we recognise that brand strength and effective distribution channels are becoming more important than ever. We are committed to using our expert consultant teams and technology services and solutions to create new tools and experiences that largely benefit every customer.

Digitising air travel in flight for a major transatlantic airline

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