Ensuring 24/7 Connectivity

In today’s tough competition, a business needs to be connected 24/7 to its clients and customers to ensure overall success and growth. With more and more companies depending on software applications for their day-to-day operations, the support and maintenance functions have become intrinsically important today.

Maintenance and support broadly fulfill two interlocking objectives: making corrections to the software and enhancing it. Your software is designed to meet the challenges of the real world, and it’s the real world that provides the feedback which allows for it to be corrected. With that feedback processed in a way that allows a suitable response to be devised and implemented, your application can carry on and offer an ever-greater quality of performance to end users.

ServiceFlex™ - Improving Resource Productivity

Understanding the urgency and critical nature of business operations, Arrk is committed to delivering quality application support management (ASM) services to business enterprises through our ServiceFlex™ framework.

Unlike many other support providers, not only do we provide ASM services for COTS, cloud and the enterprise application landscape, but we also take the pain away from having to dedicate valuable internal resources to the support and maintenance of non-differentiating bespoke legacy applications, allowing you to focus on making a difference to the business whilst also reducing risks and saving money.

Many of these bespoke applications may have little documentation and so you end up being overly reliant on a small number of people and where knowledge of the underlying technology may not be a strength for the organisation.


Radical transformation delivers 30% cost reduction

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Individually Configured Solutions

Arrk’s configurable ServiceFlex™ offering is a flexible framework to meet the needs of our customers. Our application service parameters follow a successful ‘Knowledge Transition’ period where Arrk spend time gathering information on the application and related operating constraints to enable bespoke tailoring of the service.

Core Elements


  • Service discovery for existing application(s)
  • Application functional and technical due diligence
  • Understand existing functional and technical roadmaps
  • To be service design
  • Transition planning


  • Comprehensive functional & tech knowledge transfer
  • Shadowing of existing support teams
  • Production of documentation
  • Execute service transition to Arrk
  • Go-live!
  • Short term intensive post-go-live support [optional]


  • Support and maintain your application(s)
  • Service delivery using ITIL best practices
  • Deliver change and enhancement
  • Provide 1st, 2nd and 3rd line support

Optional Elements


  • Agile coaching
  • User experience reviews & other creative services
  • Software engineering
  • Mobile development
  • Cloud optimisation
  • Business intelligence
  • Testing automation
  • DevOps implementation


  • Software consultancy
  • Cloud migration
  • Application modernisation
  • Digital Platform Development
  • Agile implementation
  • CRM implementation
  • Office 365 implementation


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