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Our People

Our people are our business and we have developed an extremely talented and dedicated team whose depth and range of experience managing global IT services is simply Tier-1. In India where nearly 63% of IT professionals have less than five years of work experience, our average Arrkitect has worked in software services for over six years.

Arrkitect Power

We call ourselves Arrkitects. Not just because many of us have a role in architecting technology and business solutions for our Customers, but also because everyone at Arrk Group is empowered to shape our growing business. Many of us have come from corporate IT service organisations where we felt held back from achieving our true potential. We share a passion for technology and at Arrk great opportunities demand that we set stretching goals for ourselves and constantly seek new challenges.

Arrkitect Power Multiplied

We believe that superior teamwork is the key to superior results and that the whole is often greater than the sum of its parts. We, therefore, adopt an inclusive, team-based approach to all our activities. This co-operative approach extends beyond our organisation to our Customers and our other stakeholders. We support and encourage each other through good times and bad and work together to achieve our individual and collective aspirations.

Uncompromising Integrity

A fundamental principle of all of our dealings with each other, our Customers and our other stakeholders is open, honest and transparent communication. We strive to achieve the very highest levels of personal integrity and reward those who do the ‘right thing’. A pervasive sense of fairness and a commitment to achieving win-win outcomes governs our behaviour.

Our Values in practice

At Arrk Group we describe ourselves as a ‘values driven business’. Unlike some organisations our success is measured by the delivery of our values. These values drive and govern Arrk Group’s philosophy behind its operations.

  • Focus on customer delight
  • Personal and professional integrity
  • Corporate and social responsibility
  • Fulfilment on our potential
  • Competing to win
  • Global teamwork
  • Creativity and Innovation