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A flexible approach to delivery capability

Ever-changing customer requirements and the need to keep one step ahead of the competition, is putting pressure on organisations to increase both the volume and speed of innovative software delivery. Finding the right balance of development resource, whilst still controlling costs and quality has never been a higher priority – and Smart outsourcing could be the answer.

Smart Outsourcing - Your Options

VODC = Virtual Outsource Delivery Centre

Smart Outsourcing – Which Option Meets Your Business Needs?

Use our outsourcing configurator to identify the best approach

Q1. What is your current software delivery approach?

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Your answer: Mixed

Q2. How do you see outsourcing benefiting your business?

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Providing adhoc additional capacity

Replacing your in-house team

Enhancing your in-house team

Q3. What is your experience of managing dispersed teams?

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Q4. What scale of projects elements would you consider outsourcing?

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Whether you want to find out more about Smart outsourcing options or to discuss a specific requirement, drop us a line and we’ll come right back ×

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