Levelling the playing field

Outsourcing has traditionally been seen as a strategy reserved for big business, but technology has made it a more accessible tool for small and medium-sized enterprises. Outsourcing levels the playing field somewhat for SMEs, who simply can’t afford to match the in-house support services that larger companies maintain. It can help them act ‘big’ by giving them access to the same economies of scale, efficiency, and expertise that large companies enjoy.

More than just cost efficiency

Historically, outsourcing has been a way to reduce costs. Converting fixed costs into variable costs releases capital for investment elsewhere in the business, while eliminating associated staff costs such as recruitment, training, and overheads.

But not many businesses truly understand the full benefits of outsourcing above the traditional cost efficiencies that it can deliver.

Why customers choose our Engagement Framework


Most companies have very clear organisational aims and objectives, but these do not always include digital technologies as a strategic enabler. Our strategic digital consultancy engagements establish a common understanding amongst your executive team as to the vision and objectives and future roadmap for your digital programme, as well as assessing your organisational readiness to effectively leverage transformational change.


The outcomes from our Strategic Digital Consultancy engagements have been designed to dovetail seamlessly into our Architecture and Design delivery phase. Building on your prioritized digital roadmap, we look to establish specific user requirements for individual projects and assess the suitability and scalability of the current IT landscape from both an environment and software architecture perspective.


Getting innovative software into the hands of users as fast as possible is a key business priority. By shrinking time to market and embracing change, we ensure you can respond rapidly to market changes and sustain a competitive advantage. With a focus on delivering quality at speed, and ensuring you are optimising the latest technology, we can help you mitigate risk and drive business efficiencies.


Technology and the business environment are two of the fastest changing aspects of our world. Through outsourcing your support and maintenance, it ensures that you continue to get the most out of your investment, that it matches your business requirements of the time, and your employees know to optimise the systems that they use. Plus, it fixes your costs to a single monthly fee.

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Smart outsourcing – driving operational and business benefits

Each organisation is unique. And your outsourcing strategy must be formulated based on a clear understanding of your specific situational factors. Getting the basics right from the start by addressing the key considerations against your decision drivers, is key to ensuring long-term benefit and success.

Our experienced consultants will lead you through the process to identify how you can best leverage outsourcing, to make sure it has the biggest impact on your growth, productivity and bottom line.


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