White Paper: Creative Uses for iBeacons

Unobtrusive and relatively low cost, a beacon (or iBeacon when using Apple nomenclature) is a Bluetooth low energy (BLE) device which contains its own battery unit which means they can be positioned pretty much anywhere. Although there are a variety of different beacons available, the most common flavour is when used in conjunction with a bluetooth enabled smartphone where the beacon’s signal triggers content for the smartphone when it comes into range.

Three Beacons

Understandably it is the retail sector that has been pressing ahead with the technology, the ability to reach and inform consumers at the most opportune moment clearly a powerful marketing tool. However, to dismiss beacon technology as simply a new way to target customer would be to miss the point.

As this white paper sets out beacons can and will be used in a multitude of industries to aid transformation in digital services.

In this White Paper we explore:

  • What is a beacon?
  • How to they work?
  • General uses
  • Industry specific uses, including retail, academia, transport and events

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