Assess your Organisations Transformation Readiness

Our BenchmArrk™ assessment measures your organisation’s readiness to maximise the impact of your digital strategy

Transformation is a journey, not an end state

Transformation efforts often fail because they are complicated endeavours that reach all parts of the organisation. Readiness is critical to success because it prepares your organisation for the complex task of Digital Transformation. It is about achieving better business results and the best business value in your transformation journey. Readiness is about not necessarily an end-state, but rather being in a constant state of readiness. 

You don’t want to jump into Digital Transformation not knowing if your organisation has the capabilities to accomplish it effectively. Readiness gives you the knowledge and assurance that your organisation will achieve desired outcomes, and can also save your organisation time and money and even improve the profitability of the transformation. 

BenchmArrk™ assesses your organisation’s cultural capabilities

A successful digital transformation is not, in fact, a technology-driven endeavor. It is first and foremost a cultural and organisational transformation. Digital technology is merely the catalyst. 

Organisations that are successfully making this transition are doing so by developing capabilities in four specific dimensions called the Digital Enterprise Readiness Framework, assessed through our BenchmArrk™ methodology. 

Operational Sustainability

Does your organisation have a stable base to operate from?

Organisational Agility

How quickly can your organisation react to change?


How well does your organisation anticipate change?

Disruptive Culture

How receptive is your organisation to implementing change?

Our Proven Four Phase Approach:

Our BenchmArrk™ assessment is based on a series of surveys, interviews and analytical methods, with the end goal to identify strengths and weaknesses in your company’s digital readiness, and provide a plan for long-term improvement. As a leading technology solutions provider with strong digital transformation experience, Arrk can help you deliver strategic change through our four-step process: 

Assessment Initiation

A collaborative meeting to schedule a start date and to agree on roles and responsibilities e.g. assigning an internal co-ordinator and the employee communication plan

Assessment Completion

The assessment gathers information from employees across the whole organisation using both an online survey tool and follow-up participant interviews

& Report

Advanced analytical methods are used to interpret and understand the survey and interview data and a supporting report is produced


Your dedicated Consultant presents back to your senior leadership team the results and supporting actionable insights across each of the four BenckmArrk™ dimensions

The Playback

Our BenchmArrk™ assessment is underpinned our wealth of knowledge and experience surrounding the delivery of digital transformational programmes. Through this knowledge, combined with the use of some of the most advanced analysis tools available in the industry. 

Upon completion of the BenchmArrk™ assessment, your technical consultant will present back to you the following: 

Capability Review

A comprehensive review of your current level of capability within each of the four dimensions, including an employee level comparison to highlight any potential hierarchy discrepancies

Quick Wins

The identification of a number of improvements that can be implemented in the short-term,  that will deliver immediate tangible business returns across each of the four specific dimensions


A high-level recommendation plan of how to create a culture of continuous change in both the medium and long term across the whole of the Digital Enterprise Readiness Framework

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