Develop Practical Digital Strategies with ThinkDigital™

Aligning IT with Corporate Strategy in the Age of Digital Transformation 

Managing the shift to business-driven IT

There was a time that IT services played little more than a supporting role in the overall success of an enterprise. That’s no longer the case for today’s digitally transformed businesses. At this point, IT has become central to almost every company in every industry. With that shift, though, there has also been some drift away from the core purpose of IT within many organisations. 

What has happened is that the integration of technology into the modern economy has often created a sense that IT is an end unto itself, rather than a means of achieving business goals. That has led to a measurable disconnect in how technology staff and management see their work in relation to their company’s overall strategy; with many information technology service management (ITSM) professionals having a clear understanding of their company’s strategy, but only a few believing that the work they do is aligned with that strategy. 

That lack of coordination can prove costly to any business if allowed to continue unchecked. Digital technologies should be seen as an integral element and a strategic enabler to delivering specific organisational goals. 

ThinkDigital™ - shaping your digital future

 ThinkDigital™ is Arrk’s methodology for rapidly conceiving and developing practical digital strategies. It connects the executive level processes of developing the enterprise vision and business planning, with the process of designing and delivering digital platforms and products. 

It is a structured framework, which is nonetheless highly collaborative and inclusiveWe use a rapid, time-boxed, flexible process that balances the need for rigor with the wisdom of doing just enough and doing it quickly. 

Working with your senior people, our consultants use a set of Arrk proprietary methods based upon proven and visual design thinking, as well as lean tools and techniques. Collaborative, inclusive and feedback driven, it’s workshop oriented to rapidly create shared understanding between all participants. 

The Playback - A Digital Roadmap Based on Business Value

The most critical outcome from ThinkDigital™ is a common understanding amongst senior people as to the vision and objectives for the digital programme. However, we go much further and ensure we deliver tangible business-related outputs. 

Working together we help identify key dependencies and consider aspirational timescales and milestones, whilst defining products, services, and interfaces that need to be digitised – culminating in an agreed prioritised digital roadmap based on business value and outcome modelling of the ‘best few’. 

Whilst having standalone value, the outcomes from ThinkDigital™ have been designed to dovetail seamlessly into our Architecture and Design engagement services. 

ThinkDigital™ Outcomes:

  • Defined vision, drivers, objectives, constraints
  • Defined boundary of scope
  • Record of relevant personas and interfaces
  • Prioritised digital roadmap
  • First iteration of lookahead grid and identified best few

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