Assess Your Fitness for the Future with CheckmArrk™

Our application estate maturity assessment

Making Sure Your IT investment is Fit for Purpose

Implementing an IT system is often a significant business decision and investment, but all too often the focus of the organisation fades once it is up and running. Without the continued investment of time and resources, it can quickly become underutilised and outdated, resulting in lost business opportunities. 

There needs to be a constant striving to ensure that all systems are truly ‘fit for purpose’ as they aim to support the business become more efficient and aligned to delivering specific business goals. With your digital strategy in place, the best place to start is by taking the pulse of your current application estate, to help you determine its fitness for the future. 

Our CheckmArrk™ estate assessments provide a quick-fire application health check

CheckmArrk™ is Arrk’s application estate maturity assessment. It evaluates and provides recommendations as to how well your existing applications support your digital strategy and helps deliver measurable objectives, including goal alignment and how performance should be measured. 

It is a comprehensive review that not only incorporates solution design, but also user adoption and future scalability. Each application has its own assessment model, with specific metrics dependent upon its expected outcomes. 

Our CheckmArrk™ assessment will help you:

Reduce the cost involved in complex project planning

Remove the risk of failure of critical IT maintenance projects

Improve the productivity of core application analysis

Identify and mitigate any serious deficiencies within your application sets

The Playback

Our CheckmArrk™ assessment is underpinned our wealth of knowledge and experience surrounding the management of enterprise applications. It reviews your entire estate against a dashboard measuring each application against its defined metrics, combined with how well it is alignment with the strategic direction of your business.

Upon completion of the CheckmArrk™ assessment, your technical consultant will present back to you the following:


This measures your organisations application maturity across each of our CheckmArrk metrics

Quick Wins

Identify easy to win system or process improvements that will deliver immediate business returns


A high-level recommendation plan of how to maximise benefits in the short and long term

“Taking the pulse of your core applications to assess their fitness for the future”

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