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An AI Engineering Company dedicated to moving your business forward. At Arrk, we take pride in our expertise in AI Engineering, enabling our customers to achieve tangible real world benefits for this exciting technology.

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AI/ML Engineering and Development

We provide advanced AI Engineering services, using cutting-edge technologies to create smart solutions tailored to your industry requirements.

AI/ML Consulting

Get expert advice for customised solutions. From evaluating your requirements to assessing data readiness and infrastructure, we have you covered!

AI/ML PoC Development

Relieve business risks and validate AI & ML solutions through customised PoC development and informed decisions before full-scale implementation

AI/ML Powered Mobile
App Development

Our expertise lies in creating AI-powered mobile apps that offer personalised and intuitive experiences, leveraging machine learning to adapt to user conduct.

AI/ML Implementation and Ongoing Support

Shift from concept to a fully functional AI-powered solution with our team of skilled engineers, providing dedicated support at every step.

Arrk - Your AI Engineering Partner!

As a skilled organisation offering AI Engineering services, we leverage our vast industry expertise to push the limits and deliver tangible real world benefits
by releasing the full potential of artificial intelligence

Vendor Neutral – an independent AI Engineering company not affiliated with any specific vendor. Agile-centric support for smooth project success, from Rapid Prototyping to Team Scaling.

Deep sector knowledge across industries such as Manufacturing, Healthcare, Construction, BFSI, Aviation, and more.

Over 25 years of rich industry experience. Certified developers with a Security-First approach and strong R&D experience.

AI-Ready Labs with Proficiency in programming, Mastery of AI Models and Data Expertise. Proud partners of Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and others.

Arrk's Artificial Intelligence Offerings

Smart AI Assistants and Chatbot

Our AI services comprise AI chatbot development, seamlessly integrated across various applications, platforms, and websites. As an artificial intelligence services company, we are experts in developing AI-enabled custom conversational bots for effective client communications and to improve client experience encounters.

AI Product Development

As a renowned custom AI Engineering company, we develop artificial intelligence solutions developed using advanced systems and practices. Our custom AI Engineering services foster innovation and increase operational proficiency, all the while ensuring scalability and trustworthiness. Whether it’s recommendation engines, natural language processing applications, or robust predictive analysis tools, our trained creators craft user-friendly solutions that flawlessly integrate with your current systems.

Recommendation Engines

Our custom recommendation engine development services can assist your enterprise in several ways. From increasing client satisfaction and retention to boosting overall income by presenting exact suggestions for conversions, we can modernise your industry processes like never before.

AI Security

As an artificial intelligence services company, our AI-powered data security services can explore millions of events and perceive a range of threats, including malware, vulnerabilities, phishing attacks, and malicious code downloads. Our robust services, which persuade collaboration between humans and machines, can drastically improve cybersecurity.

AI Design

Our AI specialists excel at providing ethical and impartial AI design solutions, similar to Canva, Prisma, and Adobe Sensei, capable of addressing real-world problems. As an artificial intelligence development services company, our in-depth understanding of bespoke client needs and AI tools and technologies has led us to carry out projects with the potential to transform the field of graphic design.


As a committed AI Engineering company, our AIOps solutions empower corporations to provide proactive and unbroken application performance, leading to outstanding customer experiences. Through rapid drop of IT costs, our AI Engineering services and solutions assist enterprises in improving their operations and enhancing their financial performance.

AI-as-a-Service (AIaaS)

Our AIaaS solutions expand your AI infrastructure, permitting you to use AI capabilities without the necessity to invest in costly hardware and specialized AI expertise. You can avoid the costs and complications linked with in-house AI solution development while still winning the full benefits of AI implementation.

Automation Solutions

Our team of AI specialists specilises in implementing and integrating technology-driven methods and systems. We untilise technologies such as RPA to enhance business accuracy and provide faster results. Through the automation of recurring tasks, process streamlining, and efficiency improvements, we assist organisation in multiple industries in enhancing their operations.

Predictive Modeling

Our predictive modelling services involve the use of statistical and machine learning techniques to thoroughly examine past data and classify patterns, enabling us to strategically predict future outcomes. This aids in augmenting planning and strategy development, ensuring better decision-making while enabling you to foresee forthcoming trends.

Facial Recognition Software

Our team of artificial intelligence developers can create effective facial recognition software qualified to detect individuals through digital images and live captures. Our dedicated facial recognition software development services can be untilised for access control management, biometric authentication, and other data security applications.

AI Integration For Software

Harnessing the capabilities of machine learning, natural language processing, speech recognition, and more, we offer AI-driven software solutions customised to various user requirements. Whether it’s deep learning AI or software powered by facial and speech recognition, we deliver tailored AI integration to meet all your needs.

AI Integration For Apps & Web

Increase the performance and user experience of your business websites and applications through AI integration. Use intelligent behaviour analysis to render a personalised experience with enhanced search methods. Apply video and audio searches to boost the effectiveness of your platforms.

AI Integration For CRM

The integration of artificial intelligence into CRM is important, and we can support you in seamlessly incorporating it. Gain deeper insights into your clients with actionable data and predictive analysis. Acquire precise statistics to improve your business plans for your end audience.

AI Integration In ERP

Elevate your ERP systems with AI to improve the day-to-day tasks and operations of your company. Obtain a system that offers seamless data management and streamlines operations, including supply financial planning processes, chain management, and intelligent process automation.

AI Integration For DMS/ECM

Incorporate AI into your ECM/DMS system with the least modifications required. Automate workflows using the capabilities of AI. Embrace a system that competently executes unstructured data and impeccably pulls out information from all types of invoices, documents, and other data formats.

AI Integration For RPA

Integrating AI with RPA permits enhanced categorisation and organisation of semi-structured or shapeless data, while also supporting strong security for restricted information. Reach the top level of operational proficiency by combining RPA with advanced AI technology.

Arrk’s AI Tech Stack

Arrk’s AI Engineering Process

Introducing a smart framework customised for businesses venturing into the realm of AI and machine learning.

AI Engineering FAQs

Artificial intelligence is the science of creating intelligent machines capable of resolving difficult tasks. The primary focus of AI lies in developing computer tasks associated with human intelligence, such as learning, reasoning, and problem-solving.

AI states to a system that tackles complex decision-making tasks, effectively mirroring human intelligence. In contrast, machine learning is a subdivision of AI and belongs to an AI system that can autonomously learn using algorithms and massive amounts of data to make accurate predictions.

AI in healthcare:

  • It can aid doctors in making accurate and swift diagnoses of diseases using patient samples and medical history, among other data.
  • AI can assist vaccine research and development teams in rapidly creating successful new vaccines.


AI in banking and finance:

  • It can analyze huge volumes of data, detect fraud, and run predictive tasks.
  • AI-powered apps can also provide financial recommendations and assistance based on a customer’s expenditure patterns.


AI in insurance:

  • AI can benefit both insurers and the insured by forecasting the most appropriate premiums based on risk factors and the insured’s history.
  • AI can help detect fraudulent insurance claims or adherence problems.

ML: Machine Learning aims to use data and algorithms to mirror human learning processes, thus improving accuracy over time.

NLP: Natural Language Processing combines computational linguistics, rule-based modelling of human language, and machine learning, statistical, and deep learning models.

Deep learning: This is a subclass of machine learning where neural networks, algorithms inspired by the human brain, learn from vast datasets. Deep learning algorithms refine their performance through multiple iterations.

Computer vision: A field of computer science that focuses on maturing digital systems capable of processing, analyzing, and making sense of visual data similar to how humans do. Machines acquire visual information, process it, and figure out the results using specialized software algorithms.

Scikit Learn, TensorFlow, Theano, Caffe, MxNet, Keras, PyTorch, CNTK, Auto ML, OpenNN, H20: Open Source AI Platform, Google ML Kit

An AI Engineering team consists of data engineers, data scientists, domain experts, product designers, AI/ML solution architects, data modelling experts, and software engineers.

Before commencing an AI Engineering project, consider the following prerequisites:

  • Do you have categorized data?
  • Do you possess a robust data pipeline to support model training?
  • Have you picked the right model?

Now, let’s dig into the steps of an AI Engineering project:

  • Data acquisition: This involves data collection, creating a data pipeline, data validation, and data exploration.
  • Model development: This encompasses feature engineering, training, and evaluation.
  • Deployment: This stage includes integration, testing, and validation.
  • Monitoring: Continuously observe the performance of AI models in a production environment.

The timeframe for an AI project to become functional can range from a few months to a year, depending totally on the project’s scope and complication. It’s important not to underestimate the time involved in organising the data before a data science engineer creates an AI algorithm.

  • Uncertain goals and key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Failure to adopt AI early, resulting in technical concerns during execution.
  • Creating isolated proof of concepts (POCs) that do not function in a live environment.
  • Inadequate data for creating data pipelines.
  • Insufficient skills and expertise.

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