Supporting the Adoption of New Technologies

The days when avoiding the Cloud was a defensible position for a business are gone. Recent research has shown that a move to the public cloud pays off in many tangible ways beyond less spending on hardware, as shown in the table below. Here we find that despite fears to the contrary, the Cloud helps businesses improve security. And, while many businesses believe data access on the Cloud is slower than on-premise, businesses on the Cloud are 60% more likely to report improved data access performance.

Supporting the Adoption of New Technologies


more likely to report improved security


More likely to see reductions in CapEx spending


More likely to have faster access to data
However, the direct benefits of the public cloud just scratch the surface of the tangible gains businesses realise, and that’s because one of the most important benefits is how Cloud becomes a driver for organisations to effectively take advantage of other new technologies and digitally transform their business.

Leverage the Best Use of the Cloud with EMOTO™

Moving to the Cloud isn’t about shutting down your on-premise capabilities and putting everything in the cloud — it’s about adding the Cloud to your IT toolbox. Leading businesses utilise the best capabilities of both their on-premise and cloud systems to make each element perform at its best. If you want to leverage the technology of today, Cloud must be a key part of your IT infrastructure.

We have identified a defined Cloud journey that the majority of organisations are embarking on, broken down into five key competencies. We call this journey: EMOTO™

The Cloud Journey


Cloud technologies are changing and improving very quickly and it is sometimes difficult to keep up with this innovation pace. Whether you are investigating, starting or executing Cloud adoption, Arrk will be there with you every step of the way.


We design, deploy and manage 24/7 the cloud architecture that best suits your business needs. We take responsibility of the migration of your business-critical applications to a cloud environment, focusing on scalability and performance while optimising costs.


By optimising your solution, you’ll gain or regain control over your public cloud spend and environments. You’ll be able to improve governance, manage spend, reduce risk, and increase the value your organisation gets from its cloud deployments.


The Cloud is the perfect hatchery for Innovation and ideation, it allows organisations to rapidly and inexpensively develop and build out new ideas, services and products. Arrk helps you to design, develop and launch new digital services, with the Cloud playing a leading role in our ability to offer Rapid Digital Transformation.


Through our CloudmArrk™ managed services Arrk offers an ITIL‑based IT Service Management (ITSM) solution for organisations looking at a cost-effective way to operate Cloud estates. Using a variety of tools and techniques, we can maintain and provide comprehensive service management services, freeing up resources within your organisation for other tasks.

Cloud Solutions Aligned to the Needs of Your Business

For customers looking to implement cloud solutions, Arrk’s approach to cloud services seeks to understand business need first before getting into technology. We use a collaborative Lean-Agile discovery process which, depending on the organisation and the specific cloud challenge, may involve some or all of users of the system, business stakeholders, sponsors, product leads as well as members of the IT team.

Our experienced team of Arrkitects run a series of collaborative workshops to understand your as-is processes, how the current solutions are deployed, the persona’s that utilise those applications and the goals they wish to achieve. As we progress, we identify pain points, technical and business spikes that need to be addressed and, where appropriate to the customer, idealised to-be end states for your processes and cloud solutions. The outcomes from this process inform our cloud recommendations and help ensure that change is aligned to the needs of the business and isn’t simply technology change for technologies sake.

We work with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Microsoft Azure. We deliver cloud services that are right for your business.


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