Create a Solid Foundation for Growth with SoftmArrk™

Our software application review methodology 

Develop a vision of where your organisation needs to or wants to go

Establishing an effective software architecture is mission-critical for maintaining a competitive advantage. Making the right technical decisions, at the right time, is imperative to the continued success and growth of your businesses. Creating a solid foundation makes your platform scalable as well as increasing its performance, reducing costs and avoiding duplicity. 

Software architecture helps you in implementing a vision. Looking at the architecture is an effective way to view the overall state of IT and to develop a vision of where the organisation needs to or wants to go with its IT structure. 

Having defined software architecture also helps you prioritise conflicting goals. It facilitates communication with stakeholders, contributing to a system that better fulfills their needs. Communicating about complex systems from the point of view of stakeholders helps them understand the consequences of their stated requirements and the design decisions based on them. Architecture gives the ability to communicate about design decisions before the system is implemented when they are still relatively easy to adapt. 

Ensure System Design Quality with SoftmArrk™

SoftmArrk™ is our comprehensive software application review and includes an in-depth investigation into a particular system and selective ‘deep dive’ code reviews. It is an effective way of ensuring design quality to deliver a system capable of fulfilling the quality requirements and to identify potential risks or address specific concerns. 

The classical application of software application evaluation occurs when the architecture has been specified but before implementation has begun. Users of iterative or incremental life-cycle models can evaluate the architectural decisions made during the most recent cycle. However, one of the appealing aspects of software applications evaluation is that it can be applied at any stage of an application’s lifetime. 

It is a structured framework, which is nonetheless highly collaborative and inclusive. We use a rapid, time-boxed, flexible process that balances the need for rigor with the wisdom of doing just enough and doing it quickly. Workshop oriented, it rapidly defines system modeling and user story reviews. 

Our SoftmArrk™ application review covers four core elements:

Business Objectives

Defining the goals and objectives of the system under review



Consensus of the success factors the system will be measured against

System Boundary Definition

Identifying the system architecture inc inputs and outputs



Architrcture Design Context Conceptual Model (plus recommendations)

User Stories Review

Reviewing the jobs undertaken, matching code to processes



XD (UX) Review

Code Review

System Health Check

Overall assessment against five key system metrics



Summary report and recommendations for system improvements and optimisation

The Playback

Upon competition of the SoftmArrk™ review, we will present back to you the following:


This is a system health check summary across each of our SoftmArrk™ application review metrics

Quick Wins

Identify easy to win system improvements that will deliver immediate business returns


A high-level recommendation plan of how to maximise the application in both the short and long term

Whilst having standalone value, the outcomes from SoftmArrk™ have been designed to dovetail seamlessly into our Application Modernisation and Application Support Management engagement services. 

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