Maximise Your Cloud Investment with CloudmArrk™

Improving your IT security and compliance with cloud managed services

The smarter way to get more from your IT infrastructure

For enterprises searching for a more cost-effective way of managing IT infrastructure, managed cloud services may provide the answer.

Organisations today are looking for new and smarter ways to get more from their IT infrastructure. By providing on-demand servers, storage, memory and bandwidth, managed cloud services enable IT teams to more easily optimise resources to deliver superior security, availability and flexibility. With a pay-as-you-go pricing model, managed cloud services enable organisations to reduce capital expense by provisioning only the infrastructure needed at any given moment.

And with cloud services companies taking responsibility for monitoring, maintaining and updating virtualised infrastructure, IT teams are allowed to spend less time on routine tasks and more time on strategic priorities that have the power to move the business forward in important ways.

CloudmArrk™ - Integrate and Manage Your Cloud Environment More Effectively

To help you maximise the potential of the cloud, Arrk delivers a wide range of managed services designed to meet your business requirements through CloudmArrk™, our cloud managed services framework. We guarantee the support required throughout every stage of your company’s journey to the cloud, regardless of the complexity of the IT applications and services involved.

CloudmArrk™ brings together the power of a cloud platform with deep expertise in the management and optimisation of the infrastructure environment. Trust our experienced system engineers to keep your business-critical IT environment optimised and running around the clock.

SysOps 24/7

Monitor alerts 24 hours a day & 7 days a week, detecting incidents immediately and correcting them as soon as possible. You’ll have proactive maintenance, always in compliance with current regulations.

System Engineering

Keep your business running by enhancing all the components in your platform. We understand your business and your applications’ requirements, we optimise your systems, maximising performance.


Enhance your platforms and applications with our SysAdmin services. Our team of engineers analyses your platform’s performance. We will configure and operate your web and applications servers according to your real requirements.

Database Consultancy

Empower your business-critical systems by keeping your databases always available. We will review, test and improve the engines of your databases and do the necessary improvements to optimise their working functions.

Critical Events Management

Keep that peace of mind when you have special events like new campaigns and promos, or events with high demands in a small window of time. We plan solutions focused to guarantee the success of important events for your business.

Service Delivery Management

Let us walk with you in your path to success. We want to know every detail of your business to help you in every step of the way with smooth, regular and quality communication to follow up the changing requirements of your business.

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