Restore Order to Your IT Landscape with TechmArrk™

Our enterprise architecture review methodology

Ensuring that both business and IT landscapes are fully aligned

How does your business manage change? Many companies are brilliant at developing strategies but repeatedly see them come to nothing because they can’t cope with the multiple changes necessary to see them through.

As companies innovate, add new business lines and products, or expand their international presence, processes proliferate, and the discipline around them can go out the window. Meanwhile, the IT that underpins these processes can also become more entangled as aging legacy systems jostle with new applications to support the needs of the business. Over time, this kind of complexity can unravel technology standards and undermine the coherence of the architectural blueprint.

Our enterprise architecture review aims to restore order to this landscape.

TechmArrk™ - Assessing Your Enterprise IT Architecture

TechmArrk™ is our enterprise architectural review to assess how fit for purpose your current technology landscape is to support the delivery of future transformational programmes and it ensures that any modernisation is fully aligned to the goals of the business.

Assessing your enterprise architecture forces a decision based on outcomes. Does your organisation limp along within the confines of the existing architecture, or does the organisation make a strategic decision to be better? This is the beginning of enterprise architecture. Shifting from silo-based systems, curating business value, and measuring outcomes will drive your organisation away from domain and system silos toward a unified and, more importantly, integrated enterprise ecosystem.

Our TechmArrk™ review covers three core elements:


Individual SystemsReview

Non-functional Governance

The Playback

Our TechmArrk™ review is underpinned our wealth of knowledge and experience surrounding the management of optimisation enterprise architecture.

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