Amplified the digital presence for document management system

The customer had a crucial need to revamp their legacy applications and existing document management system that too making it cost-effective, scalable and ease of the support. Arrk with the enriched consultancy and migration experience helped the customer to successfully shape and deliver future IT projects using a full set of support & maintenance services for their applications.


Customer is constituent of the FTSE 250 serving vast geographies worldwide across various strategic markets of automotive, aerospace, energy (including manufacturing & engineering), electronics and medical. With a market capitalisation of over £2 billion, this customer is a leader helping manufacturers overcome complex design and engineering challenges. From the last 4 decades, the customer has served a diversified range of markets and have offered proven solutions with excellence.

Serving Globaly





With limited or no upside to the existing legacy applications within the organisation functions, the customer decided to move in-house document management application to the cloud, while eliminating dependencies on various infrastructure setup and licensing. One of the highly used and secured SharePoint application was chosen as a part of a major transition program to achieve a digital transformation. Arrk closely worked with their Business to:

  • Enhance the user experience
  • Reduce the infrastructure cost
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Align to Organisation’s Cloud Roadmap
  • Fix prevailing application issues

Transition Programme

Cloud migration

Reduce infrastructure cost


Arrk with its expert SharePoint consultant, technical architect and a business analyst huddled with several business function users to conduct a mini EmbArrkTM workshop. This helped Arrk team understand their day to day document management pain areas and implicit requirements. Interviewing business stakeholders helped Arrk identify the gaps in Business and IT and also recognize the areas of improvement in their overall IT setup. Arrk built up a proposal to aid the execution of Customer IT roadmap of moving to Cloud.

With expertise in the migration project and relevant Microsoft competencies, Arrk provided an extensive migration plan for the first phase on-premise application to SharePoint Online. Within the three months of the project delivery plan, we were able to expedite data migration without any data loss, by using the ShareGate migration tool.

In phase two, Arrk redeveloped following custom functionalities

  • Automated document management and review reminder process using MSFlow and RestAPI
  • Custom context menus using JQuery, CSOM, MSFlow and RestAPI
  • Copy emails from Outlook to SharePoint Discussion board using MSFlow
  • Audit scheduler was developed and deployed using C# and Azure functions

Enhancing processes by automating and using managed services eased the cost of maintenance while enriching the user experience. Arrk conducted effective checkpoint meetings with Customer and highlighted prerequisites well in advance which significantly improved coordination between Arrk and Customer.

EmbArrk workshop

Efficient and faster Data migration

Process Automation


  • A significant change to team operation
  • Ease of document sharing and approval process
  • The automated solution helped remove key manual interventions during the document management process
  • Reduced Infrastructure Cost
  • Accurate and Better reporting with Power BI
  • Convenient integration with wider web technologies, or deploying applications to the cloud
  • Future-ready setup to develop rich applications (both as SharePoint-hosted and cloud-hosted apps) and scale without the cost of managing the on-premises infrastructure
  • Customer’s first offshore outsourcing with Arrk’s expertise led to an increase in their confidence in such a model
  • This overall effort resulted in improved document management and its security

Enhanced Reporting and document management

Scalable application

Enhanced security

Enriched User Experience

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