How Arrk’s Implementation of Iterable enabled Client to save cross-channel marketing costs by 48% in 6 months Resulting in Increased digital marketing throughput and improved customer acquisition


Our Client operates a UK-wide closed-community performance-marketing platform connecting youth-orientated communities with national and international brands. They provide membership systems to unions, associations and professional bodies and connect 1M+ members (end users) with brands via discount offers and other promotions on a wide range of products.

As a UK-based digital marketing company with limited in-house tech skills, our client has been working with Arrk since 2017 to help power its tech and data solutions.

Problem Statement

Our Customer was using multiple systems and communication platforms to design, plan and execute cross-channel marketing campaigns, service updates and notifications to their 1M+ consumer end-users. This resulted in simultaneously storing the user’s data in several platforms and was time-consuming for the marketing and customer success teams as they had to juggle between the various systems resulting in a suboptimal omnichannel experience for the end-users.

The use of multiple independent platforms required the Customer to integrate and maintain data between various systems which aside from being time-consuming and costly. Also introduced risks of data breach plus many limitations in terms of the nature of the campaigns/comms that could be executed, the efficacy of the comms and the quality of the end-users experience.

To fix this Arrk recommends to the client that they implement an omnichannel marketing/CDP* platform, tightly integrated into their existing core systems and their data architecture. After a short selection process, Iterable ( was selected and Arrk led a rapid, complex integration.

Arrk designed, developed and implemented an integration between their core systems/data warehouse and Iterable. It enabled our Customer to rapidly transition to the execution of high-volume end-user communication in near real-time coordinated and orchestrated over multiple digital channels including web, mobile, email and social media.

Data Warehouse & Iterable

High Volume End-User Communication

Multiple Communication Platforms

LLM and ChatGPT

Solution Development

With Arrk’s implementation of Iterable the Customer’s marketing and comms teams have a centralised cross-channel communication platform which enables richer personalisation and segmentation of end-users and communications to provide end-users the info they need via the right medium at the right time.

Arrk’s native integration with the Digioh forms/preference management platform also enriches the comms to help segment and deliver targeted comms at scale. Arrk’s use of Iterable’s Catalog feature pulls in live, customised content to individual comms which is a capability that was not available with the previous systems based as it was on a basket of disparate platform providers.

The project was initiated by Arrk with an EmbArrk™ discovery process which mapped out the as-is processes and data/comms journeys and designed the to-be for our Customer. We also explored and costed various platform options, fitting each to the need. Following this research, design and planning phase, we recommended the Iterable platform considering that it is a one-stop cross-channel comms and CDP platform, and it has various other features such as user segmentation and catalogues which we anticipated would greatly aid the Customers in planning and executing automated bulk-sends.

The feature delivered to our customer’s marketing and customer success teams included:

  • A one-stop solution for sending cross-channel comms to end users.
  • This resulted in improved productivity across all teams and a significant improvement in the efficacy and impact of marketing comms.
  • The flexibility to design and curate campaigns based on flexible end-user segmentation resulted in improved sales conversions and resultant revenue.
  • Easy and better ways to create email templates, push/in-app and web notifications.
  • User data and user events are captured in real-time for accurate reporting and end-user segmentation.
  • Multiple inbuilt journeys were created in Iterable to send automated campaigns at a large scale.
  • Easy integration with mobile app.

Requirement Collection

Structured Query Conversion

Data Repository Integration


  • Increased revenue
  • 48% reduction in cost with Iterable compared to integrating with multiple platforms.
  • Thousands of human work hours are saved annually for the Customer’s customer success team.
  • Better end-user segmentation was created enabling more targeted comms, at a large scale (thousands of tightly targeted campaigns sent at a time).
  • Avoid the storing of user information on multiple platforms reducing the risk of data inaccuracy, customer complaints and data breaches.

Better End-user segmentation

Increased revenue

Reducing risk of data inaccuracy

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