World Bank | IFC Edge application stimulates construction of greener buildings

Arrk helps International Finance Corporation (IFC), part of World Bank Group, stimulate the development and construction of new resource-efficient buildings across the globe. EDGE is a web application for construction developers, which provides fast, online access to comprehensive green information, approved auditors and certified accreditation.


International Finance Corporation (IFC) is part of World Bank Group and offers its customers a broad range of financial products and services as well as asset management in a range of verticals.

Created in the 1950s, IFC is the largest organisation of its type in the world. Active in over 100 countries and reaching millions of people, it holds a $49.6bn portfolio. The organisation’s work helps to support World Bank Group’s two goal strategy of ending global extreme poverty and boosting shared prosperity.

By stimulating the construction of greener buildings, IFC aims to save investors money by lowering operating costs and increasing efficiency, while reducing the impact modern development has on local and national environments.

Stimulating the development and construction of new resource-efficient buildings

Effective across the globe

Approved auditors and certified accreditation

Part of the World Bank Group


IFC was already helping property developers and builders build greener, more energy efficient buildings however, they wanted to create a robust web application to reach more locations and help more organisations.

By making this tool available for free, it allows developers to quickly and easily incorporate energy saving ideas and materials at the design stage of the project. Green building accreditation is then offered for a nominal cost.

Aimed at emerging economies around the world, the EDGE application was envisaged to help both investors and homeowners by stimulating the building of resource efficient buildings. IFC wanted to partner with local providers and auditors to ensure a sophisticated green building certification programme.

Wanted to extend the reach of their existing service to a wider global audience

A cost effective solution was required to allow Green certification at a nominal cost

Mobile responsive design required to ensure it was useable on location

The new application needed to integrate with multiple internal and external systems


Although a relatively straightforward web application, it needed to interact with existing internal systems, as well as, work on smartphone devices. This mobile responsive design was required to ensure the application was usable while on location.

The digital solution features five building typologies – homes, hospitals, retail, hotels, offices – and allows developers to build a complete picture of efficient materials in the design phase of the project. Developers are able to reconfigure design choices to calculate potential energy savings and return on investment.

Following existing brand guidelines, developed by IFC, the application also required a new user management system which recognises different user groups and locations.

An interactive application that allows developers to calculate energy saving and ROI

New user management system which recognises different user groups and locations

Scalable web application built in Microsoft .NET and Angular JS


The tool has been launched around the globe, giving property developers and builders access to a free resource to make smart choices in building more sustainable developments.

By promoting the building of green buildings, IFC is helping to tackle climate change in a commercially responsible way. Official Green certification is offered at a nominal cost to drive engagement with the tool across all locations.

The tool was successfully launched across the globe giving free access to users

Positive financial and environmental impact on new constructions projects

Fast access to location specific data to maximise green opportunity

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