Digital Solution for Sustainable Infrastructure Development

Arrk collaborated with a Customer to create a web platform for simulating city infrastructure development. The platform supports growth while promoting sustainable development goals such as reducing carbon emissions and enhancing citizens’ quality of life.


Our Customer is one of the largest global development institutions focused on the private sector in developing countries. As a World Bank Group member, they use financial resources, technical expertise, and innovative thinking to support clients and partners in economic development that aligns with the Group’s twin goals of ending poverty and improving shared prosperity. With over six decades of experience in unlocking private investment and creating markets and opportunities, they operate globally in almost all countries.

Development Institution

Financial Experts

Rich Experience

World Leader


The case for investing in climate business has never been stronger, and tackling climate change is one of the most crucial and strategic objectives for our Customer. As the largest development finance institution supporting the private sector in emerging markets, this Customer is uniquely positioned to build new markets for climate-positive businesses. By investing directly in climate-positive sectors, they are mainstreaming green businesses in clean energy, sustainable cities, climate-smart agriculture, energy efficiency, green buildings, and green finance. Over the past decade, they have developed and maintained new markets and asset classes to achieve their climate ambitions and support their clients in their own green transitions.

Whilst our Customer had expertise in finance and the environment, they needed a technology partner to help them create a new digital platform. This platform would use insights from advanced green practices worldwide and showcase what could be achieved in various local contexts to provide demonstrable examples and inspiration for cities worldwide.

As the web-based platform was an innovative new concept, the Customer wanted to get their idea to market as rapidly and efficiently as possible. Thus speed to market was hugely important for the Customer, which was where Arrk’s capability to mobilise project teams quickly and our proven track record of delivering ‘right first time’, ‘on time’, and ‘on budget’ would enable them to achieve their business objectives.

Resilient Infrastructure

Green Finance

Speed to Market

Transforming to Greener Infrastructure


For the project to be a success, the Customer had three main criteria for the project –

  • Deliver the project on-time
  • Deliver the project on-budget
  • Deliver a high-quality outcome

By using Arrk’s proven project methods, combined with our expertise in the software domain, we were confident that we would meet the Customer’s demanding schedule and overcome whatever challenges emerged with our collaborative approach to problem-solving.

Arrk's Proven Methods

On-Time Delivery

High-Quality Outcome

Ambitious Goals


Arrk used its proven project methods to deliver Customer’s requirements on time, on budget, and to exceptionally high quality. Some critical headlines about how Arrk achieved this success are as follows –

  • The project began with a requirement-gathering exercise. At the end of the activity, we had enough requirements to start development. Any remaining requirements we agreed on them during the rest of the project
  • A team of 6 Arrkitects worked with the US-based Customer to create the web platform over 15 weeks. We worked remotely and reviewed our work together to ensure no surprises
  • COVID-19 threw additional challenges at Arrk which meant the Arrk team were also remote from each other, working from their own homes

Intensive Requirements Gathering

15 Weeks Period

COVID 19 Challenges

Strong Team Collaboration


The outcome was a responsive web-based application developed using Microsoft technology stack, third-party API for Excel interaction, and frameworks such as Angular and Highcharts.

The budget and delivery timeline were both met.

Responsive Webapp

Angular Framework

Microsoft Platform

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