Arrk's integration with OneSignal empowered our client with dynamic list creation, detailed engagement feedback, and rapid, cost-effective communication capabilities, leading to a 50% reduction in customer communication costs and streamlined promotional activities.


OneVoice operates a UK-wide closed-community performance-marketing platform connecting youth-orientated communities with national and international brands. They provide membership options for unions, associations and professional bodies. The platform connects 1M+ members (end users) with brands offering discounts and other promotions on a wide range of products.

As a UK-based digital marketing company with limited in-house tech skills, OneVoice has been working with Arrk since 2017 to help power their tech and data solutions.

1M+ Members

Discounts and Promotions

Partnership Since 2017

Problem Statement

The Customer was struggling to send notifications to different user segments. This included sending in-app/push notifications and web notifications to users who might be interested in specific brands/offers. In order to increase revenue a need arose for sending personalised notifications to less engaged users. Due to this, the requirement to send push notifications to end users on mobile and the web came to the forefront.

However, creating a communication platform to send out notifications via the web and mobile was a time-consuming and expensive affair. Also, for mobile users, the platform would need to offer separate solutions for both iOS and Android users.

So, to remove these challenges, Arrk recommended the implementation of a one-stop communication platform that would send out emails, in-app/web messages and SMS notifications to users at a minimal cost. The platform that Arrk suggested was OneSignal.

Arrk designed, developed, and implemented an integration between our client’s core systems and OneSignal to improve their notification game without incurring significant costs.

Notification Issues

Expensive Affair

Time Consuming

LLM and ChatGPT

Solution Development

In a strategic move to improve analytics, Arrk proposed OneSignal as the best communications platform for OneVoice. By collaborating closely with the SAAS platform, Arrk deepened its understanding of its integration methods and APIs. This resulted in a seamless integration of back-end systems with OneSignal that empowered the client with easy customer communications. However, this did not stop there; Arrk took charge of crafting the dynamic templates for push notifications and in-app messages in the OneSignal platform itself to ensure a unified user experience.

The final touch of using the tool was a smooth migration of data from our client to OneSignal to make an efficient transition.

  • After a detailed analysis, Arrk recommended OneVoice use OneSignal as the communications platform
  • Arrk worked with SAAS vendor OneSignal to understand their integration methods and APIs.
  • For all customer interaction, the back-end system was integrated with OneSignal to send out all communications
  • All templates for creating push and in-app notifications were created in OneSignal
  • Data migration from OneVoice to OneSignal was done seamlessly

Improved Analytics

Seamless Integration

Dynamic Templates

Data Migration


  • Our client now has the ability to create multiple lists in OneSignal, which they can reach out to such users as engaged posts/less engaged posts/new users, and similar.
  • Feedback on customer engagement such as email opened, clicks, app messages opened etc.
  • Ability to send out emails to millions of users in a few minutes.
  • Ability to generate instant in-app/In-web messages and campaigns for promotional activities with minimal clicks and configuration.
  • The system integration resulted in a reduction in costs related to customer communications by 50% as compared to any similar ad hoc implementation.

Customer Feedback

Email Communication

Instant Messages

Cost Reduction

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