Brookson’s contingent workforce engagement (+Us)

Arrk helped Brookson ideate, implement, and position a new contingent workforce engagement app +Us to keep medical workers connected to non-permanent bank shifts across the sector.

Arrk has strong experience in digital space handling Agile projects for UK customers. The involution commenced with three weeks of EmbArrkTM workshop followed by a fixed bid development immediately after. The implementation and deployment were completed on time with enriched user experience.


+Us, part of the Brookson Group, provide specialist accountancy and tax-efficient services for self-employed and independent workers. +Us primarily focus on services surrounding the placement of locums within NHS Trusts, from vacancy distribution, compliance management to timesheet & invoice processing.

Brookson are based in Warrington, Cheshire. Brookson group’s Estimated Annual Revenue is $252M+

Specialist in accountancy and tax-efficient services

Focus on Vacancy distribution

Better Compliance Management

Better Time sheet & Invoice Management


Placement of locums within NHS Trusts service is underpinned by a Contingent Workforce System (CWS) to support the collaboration of NHS Trusts, Locums and Agencies servicing the healthcare sector. Developed over a two and half year life cycle, the CWS has enabled +Us to provide an end-to-end temporary labour management solution in the market.

To enhance Brookson’s market position and to improve the overall user experience, a decision was made to develop additional means of accessing this existing service though a “mobile app”.

Collaboration of Trusts & Agencies

Servicing healthcare sectors

Labour management or Contingent workforce system

Mobile responsive


Prior to this project, Arrk provided consultancy on CWS project optimisation which went very well. With considerable experience in digital space and handling of Agile projects for UK customers, Arrk started with focused and intensive three-week structured workshops with a focus on agreeing to scope, based on agreed vision and goals. Followed by, a solution/technical design and planning, culminating in a low risk approach to the delivery of an “app” in the shortest possible time.

Given the vision and goals for the project, these were key strategic considerations when “solutioning”

  • Speed to market (a minimal scope which can evolve)
  • More complex/additional functionality can be added later (Ensure it can architecturally cope with a scale from the outset)
  • Minimise impact on existing CWS platform
  • The product should be maintainable by Brookson directly
  • Look to address the needs of the Healthcare sector as a whole, not just the NHS

A brand-new service-oriented architecture was built for a hybrid mobile application packaged with Cordova and Angular.js. An App build to be online using a secured API gateway token and all external calls were protected by WS02. Overall project delivered in five months with a team of 10 people including PM, BA, Tech Arch, developers & testers.

Brand new service-oriented architecture

Hybrid mobile application

Speed to market


A hybrid Scrum-Fall approach for the fixed scope/cost project in which Arrk Group collaborated with the CWS team to speedily realise the scope. Arrk ensured skilled techies were engaged on the project to get going right from the day one.

A deep engagement with the customer helped Arrk share the project progress periodically and to ensure deliverables remained on track. As a result, the native mobile application was delivered within the planned time and budget.

Scrum-Fall framework

Periodical project development showcase

Native mobile application

Planned Time and budget

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