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Our CRM FastTrack Model
With more than twenty years’ experience partnering with organisations to deploy digital initiatives, Arrk continues to lead the way in helping companies select and deliver innovative technology applications. Whether it’s your first CRM initiative, or you’re changing an existing CRM tool, the selection, purchase and deployment process can be long and challenging. And if the wrong decision is ultimately made, you can be left with a CRM system that isn’t fit-for-purpose and the consequences can be costly.

With Arrk’s FastTrack model, we can reduce the cost of your CRM implementation by 20% without losing any functionality, which could tip the scales in your favour. Most system implementation costing models are based on a time and materials (T&M) basis, and so reducing the number of days to deliver your project will have a direct impact on the overall cost – and this is where Arrk’s FastTrack Model pays dividends.

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Streamlined Requirements
For your CRM to be successful, it needs to align your business processes with your customer strategies to build both customer loyalty and increase profits. Therefore, it must be configured to meet your individual requirements which in turn need to be clearly defined. Our EmbArrk™ discovery methodology provides a rapid understanding and confirmation of your organisation’s problems through an interactive workshop, while also establishing user requirements. This timeboxed approach, using the very latest in design thinking practices, ensures that the gathering of and compiling of requirements are effectively streamlined into a succinct and practical development plan.
Rapid Successful Delivery
With our Agile@Arrk™ development methodology we focus on getting your CRM into the hands of users as fast as possible. Combining flexible software engineering practices and expertise in leading technology, we can deliver quality at speed with value-driven pragmatism. However, our Agile approach not only provides process and efficiency benefits to the development team, but also a number of important business benefits to the organisation as a whole. Agile@Arrk™ helps product teams deal with many of the most common project pitfalls (such as cost, schedule predictability and scope creep) in a more controlled manner.
Cost Efficient Teams
The other half of the T&M equation is related to day rates. At Arrk, we operate a hybrid model using distributed delivery teams, which provides access to a global workforce at a significant cost advantage to traditional UK development companies. Our approach also gives you the best of both worlds with the core functions of the architecture and design phases close to home, and only the development or testing delivery is done offshore. Having a large talent pool to dip into also allows us to flex up or down the development team accordingly should the need arise.

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