Microsoft Dynamics CRM ServiceFlex™

A configurable support package, flexible to meet your CRM needs

According to Gartner...

“55% of CRM initiatives fail to meet measurable business objectives.”

Extending the life of your CRM investment

Your company’s quest to acquire more customers, increase customer share and improve customer retention never ends, so neither should your enabling technology. Like business, CRM is a journey, and your team will always have questions about the system, and your software will inevitably need revisions and tweaks as your business grows and changes.

Even a relatively successful implementation followed by stagnation will result in a steady decline in CRM usage over time. It won’t take long until users and managers believe the CRM software incurs more effort than value, and begin working without or around the system.

Comprehensive support at the time you need it

Our team understands that the investment you have made into your CRM is paramount to the success of your business, and this is why we can offer a range of user care and technology support packages to help you and your team get the best from the investment you have made.

With our CRM ServiceFlex™ options, we work with you on a continuing basis, past the implementation phase of your project, so challenges are addressed, and your long-term CRM success is ensured.

Features available: 

Service Management 

A single point of contact who is responsible for: 

  • Delivering the service to the agreed SLAs and KPIs. 
  • Acting as problem owner for incidents and service requests. 
  • Arrk resource management and allocation with respect to the service. 
  • The production of a monthly service management report which sets out how we performed against the agreed SLAs and KPIs

Service Request  

(L1, L2, L3) 

Service Request is the process by which helpdesk calls are managed. 

L1 – An advisory service to help you get queries and questions answered. Email and telephone support with full incident tracking 

L2 – A guidance service for when you require a little more help, such as basic configuration and importing datasets 

L3 – A supervisory service which gives you the opportunity to call off basic configuration time, such as creating a report or setting up a dashboard 

Administrative Request  If you don’t have the resource or capability to take on full ownership of your CRM, then you can access technical support and development through our Administrative Request option based on a set number of days with unlimited tickets 
CRM EmbArrk  An interactive workshop using the latest in design thinking practices, to undertake a deep dive into particular challenges to leverage continuous process improvement cycles to refine and optimise your CRM

Annual CheckmArrk

Health Check 

Our trademarked CRM health check that provides you with: 

  • 5-point dashboard assessment 
  • Quick wins recommendations 
  • Future development roadmap 


All of the above work in conjunction with our dedicated CRM User Training Modules.

Our CRM ServiceFlex™ options

Arrk provides a configurable support package which is flexible to meet the needs of differing customers.  You can select from Basic, Intermediate or Advanced levels of service with configurable options within each service level. The following table sets out the different functional components for each service level

  Basic  Intermediate  Advanced 
Service Management  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Service Request  Level 1  Level 2  Level 3 
Administrative Request  Option  Option  Yes 
CRM EmbArrk™  No  1 per year  2 per year 
Annual CheckmArrk™ Audit  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Extended Hours Support (8am – 8pm)  No  No  Option