Microsoft Dynamics CRM CheckmArrk™

Our CRM health check and recommendations report

According to Gartner

“55% of CRM initiatives fail to meet measurable business objectives.”

Making sure you make the most out of your CRM investment

Implementing a CRM system is often a significant business decision, but all too often the focus of the organisation fades once it is up and running. Without the continued investment of time and resources, it can quickly become underutilised, resulting in lost business opportunities in:

Sales Performance

Failing to convert leads into business

Customer Engagement

Reacting to issues not preventing them

Employee Productivity

Duplication of effort and manual tasks

Cost Efficiencies

Wasting budget on ineffective campaigns

Our CheckmArrk™ service is ideal for those businesses who want to:

  • Improve the alignment of their CRM system to business strategy 
  • Have their customers notice a visible improvement in service levels 
  • Ensure that KPIs are reliable so that activities can be tied to business outcomes 
  • Minimise business risk and ensure the integrity of the CRM solution 
  • Improve CRM user adoption and increase productivity
  • Drive process compliance to achieve consistent delivery 

Our CRM CheckmArrk™ Five Point Model

Business Alignment

We assess how well your CRM supports your business strategy and helps deliver measurable objectives, including how well goals are aligned and performance is measured

Solution Design

We review the technical design and internal management of your solution, examining how it matches your business processes and how well other applications have been integrated

User Adoption

We establish user understanding of what the solution can offer, and how well they apply it to their role. Identifying areas of resistance as well as additional training requirements

Data Quality

Poor data can lead to any number of problems from bad decision making to bad business. We assess the structure and quality of your data management processes to mitigate risk and improve quality

Upgrade Readiness

Allows your team to proactively plan for the upgrade of your environment, identifying areas that could negatively affect the upgrade process and minimising system downtime

The Playback

Upon completion of the CRM CheckmArrk™, we will present back to you the following: 


This measures your organisations CRM maturity across each of our CheckmArrk metrics

Quick Wins

Identify easy to win system or process improvements that will deliver immediate business returns


A high-level recommendation plan of how to maximise benefits in the short and long term