Identify, Define and Refine with EmbArrk™

Solving big problems. Fast.
“To stand still is to fall behind” – Mark Twain
To succeed, you need to continuously improve your business processes; become more efficient and productive; whilst also delighting your customers.

It sounds simple, but how well prepared are you to drive change in your organisation and achieve a competitive advantage?

Having worked with many similar organisations, we’ve often found the biggest challenge faced is understanding how to identify and define specific business pains, let alone moving to formulate an appropriate solution. For example, mapping your customer journeys and clearly identifying operational, system and customer pain points enough to fully understand the real root cause of issues.

“Our EmbArrk session gave us a great insight into what we needed to address to improve our loan management process. We are already working on the quick wins and have set up a project team to flesh out the development roadmap.”

Tom – Infrastructure Manager

Let us help you gain a competitive advantage

Led by our highly experienced BUSINESS REIMAGINED team, EmbArrk™ addresses a wide range of business needs. From solving your key strategic business objectives, to discovering, shaping and designing of your digital services – we can help.

Our interactive workshop format employs the very latest in design thinking and collaborative methodologies, which enables us to expertly guide you through a process of discovery and definition of your business horizons and appropriate solutions to help you get there. Our structured, but highly adaptable approach, helps determine your list of priorities, identify ‘must do’ activities and gain a high-level roadmap consensus across your stakeholders.

It's all about YOU - a tailor-made approach

Your EmbArrk™ will be tailored to meet your individual needs, ensuring you gain the most value from the exercise. A cornerstone of the sessions is ensuring we (you and Arrk) retain a user-first/customer-first mindset, taking a true OUTSIDE-IN view of your business. EmbArrk™ helps us to break down your business challenges, making them manageable and easier to address, and in some cases the process has enabled customers to re-define their business pains.


Our EmbArrk™ engagements operate to a core structure:

Initial discovery: gaining an understanding of your business and to clarify the issues to be tackled and the environment in which they occur

EmbArrk™ workshop: an intensive interactive session, typically held off-site to eliminate distractions and increase focus

Outcome playback: playback of pain points and possible solutions and/or approach to address the needs to sponsors, stakeholders and interested people within your business

The Players

For your EmbArrk™ to be successful it requires a cross-functional mix of people to take part:

Sponsors: responsible for ‘owning’ the business issue and targeted outcomes from the programme

Knowledge experts: people within your business with specialist knowledge relevant to the challenges faced

End users: individuals who will be directly or indirectly affected by the final outcome


Your EmbArrk™ will be unique to your organisation and will focus on the following outcomes:

  • potential development roadmap
  • high level appreciation of work-streams
  • technical and business spikes
  • ‘as-is’ and ‘to-be’ journeys
  • identification of potential dependencies

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