For organisations already well acquainted with the benefits of Amazon Web Services (AWS), Arrk’s AWS Cloud Optimisation Review provides expert analysis and insight into utilising the Cloud more effectively.

There is a risk that running sub-optimal Cloud solutions for any period of time can lead to the assumption that Cloud is more expensive than legacy infrastructure and this can fatally undermine an organisation’s efforts to progress with a Cloud First strategy.

Arrk has an established Cloud optimisation toolkit, which incorporates AWS best practices, which allows our AWS-certified consultants to rapidly carry out a health check of your deployments on AWS IaaS / PaaS.

The three-day engagement will identify ways to improve the provisioning and operation of your AWS resources, as well as the optimisation of application architecture and solution design to improve on Cost, Performance, Governance and User Experience.

The first step to achieving significant cloud optimisation is through our three-day expert review.

In a nutshell, AWS Optimisation Review consists of:

  • A three-day expert health check of your AWS estate
  • Utilising Arrk’s Cloud optimisation toolkit to analyse your Cloud deployment
  • High-level review of application architecture and solution design on AWS
  • Findings report and presentation, including advice on next steps

Ideal for organisations with:

  • Large, complex AWS estates
  • Concerns around Cloud Sprawl
  • Legacy systems migrated to AWS but not yet optimised for the Cloud
  • A lack of available AWS-certified internal expertise

Typical outcomes include:

  • Recommendations on effective provisioning and operation of AWS resources
  • Recommendations to strengthen Cloud governance
  • Recommendations to improve cost-effectiveness of AWS estate
  • Recommendations to enhance application architecture


For more information on Arrk’s AWS Cloud Optimisation Service, download the service document or call the team today on 0161 227 9900.

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