Testing Automation Framework Webinar

At Arrk we use our Automation methodology to provide structure to automated testing, so that our customers benefit from improved testing outcomes, such as higher testing predictability, improved testing productivity, and a greater control of testing costs.

We use a broad spectrum of tools and technology such as Selenium (WebDriver and Selenium Grid), supported by Java / .Net / etc., custom code libraries, TestNG, ReportNG, and Maven.

Re-watch the webinar at a time convenient to you, where the Arrk team covers some of the following topics:

  • An introduction to test automation frameworks
  • Popular test automation frameworks
  • Arrk’s test automation framework
  • Framework components
  • Extendable framework models
  • Benefits of test automation

For more information on Arrk’s software testing experience and capability, get in touch with the team today on 0161 227 9900.

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