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Now, more than ever, IT management must perform the tricky task of delivering more, faster and for less. A generation of users accustomed to always-on internet applications like Google and Amazon makes meeting customer demands harder, while business units want IT to be more nimble and able to create new functionality more rapidly.

In an economic climate that is predicted to show a 9 per cent drop in global IT spend during 2009 (source Goldman Sachs annual IT Spending Survey), many more businesses are realising that Open Source Software (OSS) can help them to deliver complex technology requirements even when budgets are shrinking. Open Source software has matured and progressed up the IT stack – away from just operating systems and databases into a wide variety of applications, supported by professional organisations dedicated to providing a genuine long-term roadmap, Service Level Agreements and stable code.

Adding to this new found flexibility, Global Delivery – the means by which applications can be developed cost effectively through the use of highly skilled technical and management resources located where they add most value to the project, can bring an additional relief to already stretched IT budgets.

This white paper makes essential reading for senior IT decision makers responsible for budgetary management and IT strategy. It provides a snapshot of areas where Open Source is making a strong case as an alternative development approach, highlighting how Open Source projects can be delivered effectively through a Global Delivery framework and shows how businesses are starting to find that there is a tangible, cost effective way to maintain momentum even on a restricted budget.

Download our Global Delivery White Paper today.

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