Arrk Group delivers for Virgin Money Giving

Virgin Money is the financial services arm of the well known Virgin Group, headed by Richard Branson. The Group launched a not-for-profit organisation called Virgin Money Giving to support their sponsorship of The London Marathon 2010 and for future charity fundraising events.

Virgin Money Giving needed an online solution which offered fundraisers and charities the ability to raise money via the marathon and any other similar events. The competition in the online fundraising marketplace is made up of profit-making companies who charge a significant percentage of the transaction value to a charity as funds are collected. Virgin Money Giving wanted a solution which offered better features, but would be provided at a lower cost to charities and would therefore operate as a not-for-profit organisation, resulting a higher percentage of funds raised for charities going to charities.


A key challenge was in the project deadline, the finished solution had to be delivered in an aggressive nine-month window to coincide with Virgin Money Giving taking over sponsorship of The London Marathon. Even with Arrk Group’s experience of delivering complex web projects, an initiative sized at over 25 man-years effort delivered in such a tight timeframe was a significant challenge.

Arrk Group’s hybrid delivery framework has directly helped to deliver a 25 man-year, complex, Open Source web initiative in less than 9 months. And on budget.

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