Arrk Group awarded G-Cloud 5 supplier status

Arrk Group is delighted to announce it has been approved to provide specialist cloud services (SCS) under the UK Government’s new G-Cloud 5 framework.

The approval means that any UK public body, including all government departments and local authorities, can procure Arrk Group services through CloudStore.

Cloudstore is an online marketplace where public sector organisations can buy ‘off the shelf’ services and covers infrastructure, platform, software and support projects.

Arrk Group is listed under the SCS (Specialist Cloud Services) section of Cloudstore, with the Manchester-based organisation experts in building complex and high quality cloud-based services for a variety of customers, using latest technology and Agile software engineering principles.

As part of Arrk Group’s offering to the public sector, the company can also run its EmbArrk workshops, which help organisations to quickly visualise their digitisation journey, through interactive and innovative workshops.

Commenting on the G-Cloud award, Ian Southward, Managing Director – Commercial at Arrk Group said: “The public sector is an important sector for Arrk Group and we can offer public bodies an invaluable service, from lean consulting and our EmbArrk sessions to deploying highly complex digital solutions.

“We have an enviable track record of delivering cloud and mobile applications to a broad spectrum of organisations, becoming G-Cloud approved means we can bring our considerable expertise and experience to the public sector.”

Now in its fifth iteration, G-Cloud is the UK Government’s cloud-based procurement offering, with Arrk Group one of 1,132 suppliers listed on the expanded offering.