Arrk Group and Smart421 announce strategic partnership

April 2016 Update: Smart421 is now known as KCOM

Building on their already long standing, established relationship, Smart421 and Arrk Group are delighted to announce the formation of a strategic partnership aimed at providing customers with a suite of tightly integrated consultancy, service management and application development services that combine Smart421’s mission critical service management, integration and high-end consultancy capability with Arrk Group’s proven expertise in the development and support of enterprise scale web and mobile applications.

This blending of two best of breed approaches will not only deliver outcome assurance but will also ensure that customers get a best value result through leveraging Smart421 and Arrk Group’s unique dual-shore operating model. Customers can expect from the Smart421 and Arrk partnership an increase in the breadth of service offerings and greater flexibility in terms of the manner and location of service delivery with the potential for delivery teams and processes to be architected such that the combined opportunity for onsite, offsite and offshore delivery is optimised to best effect.

Neil Miles, Managing Director of Smart421 said: “This exciting development will mean both existing and new Customers will benefit from the combination of both organisation’s market leading services, providing a unique dual-shore capability further extending our services and value to our Customers”

Julian Howison, Executive Chairman of Arrk Group said: “This is a major development for Arrk Group and will enable us to build upon our existing dual-shore capability to further broaden and strengthen our offering. Smart421’s expertise in high-end technical consultancy, service optimisation, SOA architecture, AWS and data management is a welcome addition to our portfolio being as they are highly relevant to our existing Customers and target markets.”