Visual Regression Testing

At Arrk, automated visual tests complement automated functional tests, where the automated visual test framework is an extension of functional automation framework with additional components including image comparison library and wrapper component.

As testing requirements become more complex due to the plethora of browsers, browser versions, devices and display sizes, the only cost effective way of testing frequent releases is through sophisticated and experienced automation.

Vis Reg Testing-01

Our automated visual testing initially involves running tests to create a store of baseline images for candidate pages and then run with candidate build to capture and compare screenshots with baseline. The visual checks highlight differences between the two images. A single visual test can highlight issues related to positioning of logo, correctness of images, fonts, spelling, alignment and any other discernible content. This form of testing does not specify an expected appearance, it just checks and highlights any differences against baseline.

Benefits of Automated Visual Checks

  • A single test covers multiple checks on s screen including presence of labels, font types, alignment, layout, colour and links
  • Exposes both material and small scale UI differences
  • Ability to add more value to functional automated checks
  • Improved product quality and user experience
  • Comparison of visual elements across multiple browsers
  • Improved speed
  • Improved accuracy of checks
  • Allows test analysts to spend time on interpretation and more complex problems

Visual regression testing resources