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Over recent years Software Testing has undergone a seismic shift in methodology and focus. Gone is the era of software testing and testers living in their own silo, creating and executing reams of tests, performed by scores of humans across various cycles before the application was deemed ready for release. This old school way of testing has a huge negative impact on the cost implications and timescales of a software development project.


Software Testing at Arrk Group is different, our Software Testing Services are fundamentally tied to our Agile software development methodology, this means Arrk’s Software Testing is about speed, tools, collaboration, automation, adaptability, iteration, coupled to strategic thinking, problem-solving skills and technical skills. Our Testing teams are a vital and intrinsic part of most of our software development projects, contributing on story development, influencing and guiding developer conducted tests, while conducting their own tests concurrently to ensure that reliable, high-quality production-ready code is made available at short, regular intervals.

This rapid delivery requires both the functional and non-functional elements of the application to be rigorously tested, aspects such as the code conformity across browsers and devices, the application being performant, it being secure and accessible to users that require assistive technologies.

Therefore, Arrk’s Software Testing Service considers the dynamic demands of the organisation as well as that of the application technology and development methodology to provide efficient, objective and continued assurance. Software Testers at Arrk work across teams and geographies, either independently or as part of larger development teams, quickly and efficiently to deliver regularly, our Testing team uses tools such as Selenium WebDriver, TestComplete, QTP and Jmeter which ensures effective testing, rapidly to control costs and aid faster decision making.

Why test software?

Software testing is a vital element of any software development project, it provides an organisation with a level of assurance around the project and mitigates risk. Fundamentally, Software Testing evaluates one or more properties of the system or component to confirm that it meets a set of requirements, some of the questions which software testing can answer include:

  • Is it usable?
  • Does it achieve the expected result?
  • Does it respond correctly to different inputs?
  • Does it perform within an acceptable timeframe?
  • Does it work correctly on different screen sizes, browsers and devices?

Why Arrk?

With the potential to run countless tests for even simple software components, a pragmatic approach to Testing should be implemented. At Arrk, we build a Software Testing Framework to suit the specific requirements for a customer’s testing needs rather than straitjacketing a framework created for another.

This ensures the maximum return on investment for the customer, considering duration, cost and resourcing aspects. To ensure its ongoing evolution, a dedicated Software Testing focus group participates in study and R&D to constantly refine and improve the Testing framework to incorporate best practice ideas and tools.

To find out more how Arrk Group can help your organisation with its Software Testing requirements contact the team today.

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