Software Testing Automation

Today it is a well accepted fact that frequent releases of applications is an absolute must for customer feedback/acceptance and for gaining valuable competitive advantage. With Agile development becoming the default methodology for software development projects, the demand for continuous regression testing (being an integral part of continuous integration) is in the ascendancy. However, organisations cannot afford to spend extra effort or cost on only human-driven regression testing. Therefore, this is where testing automation plays an important part of any software testing requirement.By the intelligent and selective use of automation into the software testing framework, organisations are able to benefit from an acceleration of testing,

By the intelligent and selective use of automation into the software testing framework, organisations are able to benefit from an acceleration of testing, without sacrificing quality and with the ability to control costs.

Automation should not be simply about using automation testing tools instead, tools should be incorporated into the testing process to give test analysts more time to conduct intuitive tests that a tool is unable to perform.

Thought is employed in terms of why and what must be automated, not all tests are important at all times and some tests may be too expensive to code. Strategy apart, the development of tests also need to closely mimic developer practices in conjunction with the tool employed.

Automation Framework

Marrying both careful thought and rigorous practices, Arrk’s Automation methodology structures and augments automated tests for our customers to produce beneficial outcomes like higher test predictability and improved productivity, reduced costs, etc.

Arrk’s Automation framework employs cutting edge technology/tools i.e. Selenium (WebDriver and Selenium Grid), supported by Java / .Net / etc., custom code libraries, TestNG, ReportNG, Maven, etc.

Rather an impose a rigid testing framework on a customer, we create bespoke frameworks to suit the specific needs of each customer. This ensures maximum return on investment considering duration, cost and resourcing aspects. To ensure its ongoing evolution, a dedicated focus group regularly reviews and takes part in research and development to refine and improve the framework.

Testing Automation Services

Our testing automation services include consultancy and services such as

  • Test Automation Assessment & ROI Analysis
  • Automation tool feasibility study with recommendations
  • Designing and implementing frameworks / harnesses / etc.
  • Automated test scripting and execution with data management
  • Automation Regression testing

Our test engineers have strong technical expertise and a high degree of professionalism driven by curiosity, creative thinking and problem solving skills. Along with web applications we have expertise in automating client-server applications, web services across domains and technologies with help of commercial and open source tools.

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