Real Quality

We aim to consistently deliver results to our Customers that exceed their expectations. We call this ‘Real Quality’; quality that is experienced and valued by our Customers and targeted on the things that matter most to them. Achieving this is a continual process of listening to our Customers, learning from our experiences and optimising the way we work. It’s about enhancing talent with proven processes and promoting a culture where delivering ‘Real Quality’ is an obsession. Easier said then done?

Clicking together

CliQ-6TM is Arrk Group’s Customer Led Integrated Quality Management System. It is a combination of ‘best of breed’ industry practice with internally developed process innovation. It is ISO9001: 2000 certified and benchmarked against the SEIs Capability Maturity Model Integrated Level 3 in both our UK and Indian operations. CliQ-6TM provides a common process framework and language for integrating our globally distributed teams, with proven processes and methods for all aspects of software delivery and supporting functions.

Management by fact

A commitment to fact based decision making at every level is supported by CliQ-6TM extensive use of quantitative measurement and analysis techniques in managing the software engineering lifecycle. These measures are used to drive tailored balanced scorecards that provide our Customers with complete transparency into the performance of things that are most important to them.

Share the wealth

Our global extranet portal ensures everyone working on our projects, including our Customers, has access to our knowledge base, project management systems and collaboration tools. It is our policy to freely share our CliQ-6TM processes, methods and tools with our Customers; indeed we are proactive in this regard because we understand that a successful long-term engagement requires effective, integrated processes in both Customer and Arrk Group delivery operations.

Tailored, pragmatic and for a purpose

Our overriding approach to quality and processes is goal based rather than method based; provided success criteria are met there are a wide range of processes, methods and tools that can be used to meet (or can be adapted to meet) these criteria.

Where our Customers have invested in well developed processes and methods which work well for their business we take our Customers’ processes as the leading element of the project defined processes and tailor our standard core integrated processes and measures to this.

In other instances our Customers have very few defined processes and are looking to us to provide the process set which is again tailored as appropriate to the type of engagement, the project scale and the variety and complexity of external interfaces.

Collaboration breeds best results

Whatever the scenario, we find a process of blending Customer and Arrk processes often delivers the greatest value; leveraging our Customers’ investment in processes which work with their business with Arrk’s expertise in delivery of enterprise web applications using our integrated global delivery model. This ‘process-synchronisation’ exercise is always a collaborative activity between Arrk and our Customers.

Perhaps most importantly we believe in the pragmatic implementation of processes and methods that are appropriate to the scale and complexity of the engagement and to the primary need of our Customer – to realise the benefits of our services.