Performance Testing

Vital to the success of any web application is in how it performs in its intended environment; performance and capacity issues have a detrimental and long-lasting impact, whether directly through the loss of revenue or costly remedial action to indirect impacts such as the damage it can do a brand and the negative perceptions a poorly performing service can have on the intended user-base.

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By using the right approach, techniques and tools Arrk helps realistic proving of application for performant behaviour and provides important feedback to ensure problems are rectified as early in the lifecycle as possible. Efficient performance engineering (and testing) reduces the risk of applications being able to cope with the anticipated workload to positively impact end-user satisfaction.

By working closely with customers and as part of the project team, Arrk’s testing analysts are involved at all stages of a project from:

  • Understanding the requirements such as workload aspects, key business scenarios, persona development, analysing analytics/logs data, and infrastructure setup
  • Strategy development including scenarios modeling, scheduling runs, business deadlines, environment checks, tool feasibility, budgetary aspects,  and success criteria
  • Execution and transparent reporting such as employ tools (both open source or commercial), assess application stability and scalability with expected and extreme workloads.
  • Application tuning by working with the development team (i.e. developers, designers/architects, infrastructure specialists, business representatives) to drive consensus, re-strategise as needed, test iteratively and rapidly, bottlenecks analysis at application/database/network level)

Well versed in all types of software performance testing, such as load, stress, soak and spike testing, our analysts provide expertise and experience in a wide range of technologies, platforms, tools and business domains and bring a pro-active, systematic and rigorous performance testing methodology to projects.

Arrk’s Performance test analysts have the required skill set to deliver results based on simulation of the end-user experience under varying amounts of traffic and impact of different load and usage patterns on your application. We think we are ideally placed to help resolve any performance testing challenge you may have.

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