Imagination and Technology

At Arrk Group we believe that imagination, and the innovations born from imagination, drive continual optimisation of our services and provide competitive advantage to our Customers. At Arrk Group innovation is not limited to the technical domain, or the sole preserve of Research and Development. It is the creative potential of each of our people, every day that we seek to maximise with a culture that values questions as much as answers, and tools and techniques designed to enhance creative problem solving. Because it’s not a question of ‘how creative are you?’ but rather ‘how are you creative?’

Creativity for Customer Benefit

We believe to succeed we must embrace change, take creative and innovative approaches to problem solving, and constantly seek new ways in which we can increase the value of our proposition to our Customers. By developing an intimate understanding of our Customer’s business, as well as their technology, we really relish the opportunity to add value as a technology partner with insight into many industry specific business process and technical challenges.

Technical Innovation

Our Technology and Innovation Group provides a focus for technical innovation, architecture and design best practice, including a centre of excellence in Enterprise Web Application development using Microsoft .NET and Java based technologies. In addition we have established competency centres in:

  • Portal technologies
  • Mobile applications
  • Relational database design and administration
  • Automated testing
  • Web UI testing

Delivery Innovation

Whether it is our Integrated Delivery ModelTM or the innovative way we manage collaborative customer relationships, we are constantly evolving our service delivery processes and systems to be one step ahead of the industry providing our Customers with a critical competitive advantage.

Our Design Driven approach to application development is an example how we have blended elements of several development methodologies and models into a way of working that ensures we create systems that are simple to use, flexible, fast and easily maintained and enhanced.