EmbArrk™ | Lean Project Discovery

Solving Big Problems. Fast.

After twenty years and hundreds of Customer engagements Arrk has developed, proven and refined an unique approach to solving complex business and technology problems. Our broad, flexible methodology and toolset are capable of being adapted and shaped for a wide range of different Customer needs, whilst retaining at their heart a set of consistent, fundamental core principles.

The first of these is our methodical, imaginative approach to solving problems, that we call EmbArrk™.

The EmbArrk™ method is highly adaptable and is used to address wide ranging needs from solving strategic business problems to the discovery, shaping and design of digital services. Consist across all EmbArrk™ engagements are three fundamental components:

  1. a six-step core process,
  2. a set of guiding principles and
  3. a rich toolbox of micro-methods, tools and practices.

In constructing an EmbArrk™ we first consider the goals and boundaries and desired outcomes. We then design an engagement tuned to the Customer’s environment, selecting from the toolbox those tools most applicable to the task in hand.

Each EmbArrk™ follows the same six step process; orchestration, investigation, consideration, realisation, validation and demonstration.


The EmbArrk™ Process

Customer stakeholders and Arrk consultants participate in a series of workshops, sessions and practices, this close collaboration results in looking in detail at project management, technical analysis, product analysis and business analysis. As the team progresses along the process the level of fidelity around the project increases, as denoted by the wavelength below:

EmbArrk™ Benefits

  • Sharpens organisational focus on IT development projects.
  • Maximise business value focused sessions
  • Provides rapid understand and confirmation of organisation’s problems and looks to establish user requirements to allow group brainstorming sessions to build consensus.
  • Close collaboration with Arrk Group experts, bringing external expertise into the organisation.
  • Depending on the scope of the project the EmbArrk™ workshop can encompass the creation of custom, systematic solution roadmap, comprising business case, user stories, technical design, wireframes and provisional release plan.
  • Helps generate a shared vision and reach stakeholder consensus

EmbArrk Blur Image2

An EmbArrk™ project discovery engagement can benefit any organisation which is looking to deliver a digital project or program yet lacks direction and consensus. These workshops are designed and run to engage with all project stakeholders to build consensus on a given digital project.

IT Development Workshop Outcomes

Typical outcomes from an EmbArrk™ IT development project workshop can include:

  • Definition of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and subsequent, iterative release plan.
  • Interactive prototypes.
  • Technical proof of concept.
  • Estimated and prioritised business requirements in order to cost and shape an IT development project to deliver business value.
  • A high level release plan, a ‘road map’, user stories, visual prototypes, etc.

The exact direction, duration and expected outcomes from each EmbArrk™ engagement will be agreed as part of the pre-EmbArrk™ planning.

If you want to know more about EmbArrk™ and how it can help your organisation achieve its digitisation goals, call the Arrk Group team today.

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