Compatibility Testing

Compatibility Testing at Arrk is all about ensuring a web application operates as expected and consistently within its intended environment.

Testing web applications across browsers is a highly complex and hugely challenging task, more so given the expectation of a consistent experience for the end-user regardless of hardware, browser, browser versions, screen resolution, network speed or operating system. With the plethora of mobile and tablet platforms adding to the challenge over recent years, there has never been a more important time to employ a rigorous Compatibility Testing regime.

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At Arrk, our approach to Compatibility Testing can involve taking some or all of these steps:

  • Testing for all possible permutations available to end-users is neither cost effective nor an efficient use of time, instead, we prioritise the combinations which are the most popular and most widely used given the context of the web application, analysing data and future trends to focus in and confirm the most popular permutations
  • We automate where possible to target functional reliability across browsers. Selenium drivers provided for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer have matured to a great extent and the drivers for Safari, iOS and Android are also catching up
  • Cloud-based services and tools are utilised for taking screenshots in different operating systems and browsers
  • Instigate a bug-bash session, where a group of people attack the application from the perspective of a normal user, in an exploratory and usability testing sense

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