Collaborative Innovation

Arrk Group focuses on delivering tremendous value to its customers. This is in contrast to some IT service providers which focus efforts on taking value rather than providing value.

Instead, we work in a way that emphasises business goals, open communication and collaborative team working. Our transparent engagement style and obsession with exceeding our Customer’s expectations, enables us to drive innovation and cultivate win-win, long standing collaborative partnerships.

We align our working practices with our customers to optimise collaboration and direct communication. We build teams of passionate, highly-motivated people and share knowledge directly with each other, rather than through hierarchies. We unite under a shared vision and are driven by achieving a common goal. We invest in new technology and quickly become experts. We try out and share ideas, information and work. The way we work is founded upon sound ethical principles and trust. We make knowledge accessible to everyone (whilst fiercely protecting our customers’ IP) and operate with total honesty and transparency. We rely on modern technology for rapid communication and information sharing. Only when you work like this, can you truly innovate collaboratively with your customers. We believe it sets us apart.

Smart Partnering

Our collaborative innovation practice is based on the Smart Partnering philosophy. Below are some of the key values we believe enable a successful relationship between our Customers and ourselves.

Partnership values

  • A desire to build a mutually beneficial, long-term, trust based win-win relationship between our companies.
  • A willingness to operate in a open and transparent manner where opportunities and problems are shared in a positive, co-operative team-working manner.
  • An acceptance that whilst there exists an commitment to high-performance in all areas it is nevertheless ‘ok for it not to be ok’ – from time to time.
  • A constant striving for new innovative approaches and solutions where creativity is highly valued and continuous improvement built-in.
  • A pragmatic fact based management culture that rejects rumour and hearsay over hard evidence and where measures of success are clearly defined and regularly monitored.
  • A pervasive sense that those involved, both Arrk Group and the Customer’s staff, operate as One Team with a shared purpose and destiny.
  • A environment where people are valued and treated equally, where a sense of ‘fairness’ exists, where opinions are listened to and respected and that understands and treats sensitively the various cultural differences.