Performance Engineering Webinar

How to successfully performance engineer a complex product…

It goes without saying that any application today need to be speedy, stable and scalable but how do you engineer performance to inspire confidence that the product can cope at times of peak demand?


Calling on our recent experiences in performance engineering, this webinar will cover the following areas:

  • How the workload was meticulously analysed and modelled to strategise the performance testing of a product which is heavily transactional and user dynamic
  • How multiple stakeholders collaborated successfully against the clock to make the application performant
  • How aspects related to infrastructure modeling, incremental implementations, capacity planning, failure and business impact analysis, problem solving etc. were program managed to achieve the performance objectives?
  • How the various test / monitoring / profiling tools and technologies were efficiently harnessed on the cloud environment?
  • How an open source tool was innovatively tailored and its limitations bypassed to effectively load-test thousands of requests with multiple scenarios with different types of performance tests?

Catch up with the webinar replay at your leisure