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Effective Planning Drives Success

Each year, organisations around the world face astronomical project failure rates, often wasting millions of pounds per failed project. Projects most commonly fail because there is a lack of attention and efforts being applied to key project performance factors.

From the outset there needs to be a clear link established between the project and the organisations key strategic practices. The project plan needs to cover the planned delivery, the business change required and the means of benefits realisation.

There should also be a detailed plan developed before any release date of a project is announced. Inadequate planning is one of the major reasons why projects spin out of control.

Defining the Solution

The EmbArrk™ method is highly adaptable and is used to address wide ranging needs from solving strategic business problems to the discovery, shaping and design of digital services. It is a structured but highly adaptable approach that uses story finding, high levels of visualisation and the “realtime” development of project artefacts to build stakeholder consensus and translate the agreed need into a project or program plan.

Customer stakeholders and Arrk consultants participate in a series of workshops, sessions and practices, this close collaboration results in looking in detail at project management, technical analysis, product analysis and business analysis. As the team progresses along the process the level of fidelity around the project increases.

There are three fundamental components of EmbArrk™ which are a six-step core process, a set of guiding principles and a rich toolbox of micro-methods, tools and practices.

A Cohesive, Shared Vision

A typical EmbArrk™ engagement is highly adaptive and responsive to the information and understanding gained by each of the parties as the workshop progresses. Therefore, the precise scope and nature of activities can change during the engagement, subject of course to the mutual agreement of the parties.

However, due to extremely collaborative approach involved in an EmbArrk™ discovery, it brings together all stakeholders to form a cohesive, shared vision and it is a highly efficient and effective way of engaging with busy stakeholders.

Typical EmbArrk™ Outcomes:

  • Shared project or program vision
  • High level release plan and/or roadmap
  • Visual (low fidelity) prototypes
  • Prioritised master story list
  • User personas and red route analysis

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