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Creating a solid foundation for growth

The Hidden Cost of Legacy Systems

Many companies continue using outdated systems, regardless of the age or quality of the underlying technologies. The software has been working just fine for decades and is still able to cope with most of its tasks, they argue. Indeed, why fix it if it ain’t broke?

Actually, there are quite a lot of reasons to “fix” your legacy systems. The real cost of running such software is the major one among them. Most legacy systems are usually difficult (or impossible) to maintain, support, improve, or integrate with the new systems due to its architecture, underlying technology, or design. This results in the majority of IT spend having to be spent maintenance rather than development or enhancement, whilst it continues to pose efficiency, cybersecurity, and mission risk issues.

SoftmArrk™ - Legacy Application Review

With over 20 years’ experience of dealing with legacy systems, we have developed our SoftmArrk™ legacy system application review to identify the most appropriate way to modernise business-critical software.

Technology Analysis

This examines the technology stack of your current application, identifying if the programming language or frameworks are still relevant and supported.

Architecture Audit

In case the tech stack (or some parts of it) is still relevant, this will define the system elements which are functioning well and focus on the ones that may need modernisation.

Business Functionality

Applications are there to deliver a specific purpose, this assesses the effectiveness of the system in delivering against its agreed business process/objective.

UI/UX Review

The same principle applies to the UI and UX design. A design review helps understands which parts of the system interface need a “facelift” to improve the user experience.

Making sure you're focusing on the right things

Held at your premises, your SoftmArrk™ review will keep you focused on the problem at hand. The format ensures there’s time set apart from your day-to-day work to reduce distractions and optimise concentration on the application chosen.

Our SoftmArrk™ engagements operate to a core structure:

Initial discovery: gaining an understanding of your business objectives for the application to be reviewed, and the environment in which it operates

SoftmArrk™ review: an onsite investigation into all aspects of your technology, from code and architecture to visual look and feel, taking into account your future business plans for product growth

Outcome playback: based on the finding of this review, we can then propose the modernisation approach that best fits your needs and will help you deliver results fast

For your SoftmArrk™ to be successful, it requires a cross-functional mix of people to be involved and supervised access to application under review:

  • Product/Technical Owner
  • Subject Matter Expert/Business User (for live demonstration)
  • List of current bugs/issues
  • Executive summary of application business goals

SoftmArrk™ in Action - A Recent Case Study

With every business comes different needs and problems. But our SoftmArrk™ review provides you with the insight to create a solid foundation that makes your platform scalable as well as increasing its performance, reducing costs and avoiding duplicity.

Recently, we were approached by a financial services organisation who had concerns over their core system as it was suffering from performance issues. They also had scalability concerns, as they were projecting a tripling of their user base and volumes over the next 6-12 months and further growth beyond that.

Utilising our SoftmArrk™ review framework, we were able to identify the underlying issues that were causing the performance issues (both at an architecture and code level) and could accurately quantify their risk. We were able to establish a short-term fix that minimised the immediate performance issue, which provided us with a development window to re-factor the system. By restructuring and optimise existing code and improving the component’s features and structure, we were able to make it ‘fit for the future’, capable of supporting their growth plans.

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Secure your COMPLIMENTARY SoftmArrk™ Legacy System Review Today

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