Arrk Group is a ‘values driven business’, where success is measured against company-wide goals such as customer delight, teamwork, innovation and integrity.

Central to our continuing success are our dedicated teams of Arrkitects. Here is just a sample of some of the things our Arrkitects said about working at Arrk Group:

My last job was all about the bottom line, money, money, money. Now, I’m not saying that its not important at Arrk, of course it is, but somehow there’s a sense of something bigger, of some integrity and responsibility here which makes the job quite different.

Bhushan, Arrk Project Manager

It’s amazing to think back over what we’ve done. We developed a totally new system working together with our customer, totally innovative, new technology, and now it’s running for them they have overtaken their competition.

Henry, Arrk Solution Architect

There’s a really satisfying moment when the penny drops and our customers see how our international teams work seamlessly together to provide a unique service that really gives them an advantage. It’s definitely my favourite part of the job.

Cheryl, Arrk Marketing & Sales Support

I had been a developer for three years before I joined Arrk, and all that time I sat at the same desk doing the same things. It was time to find a role where I could upgrade my skills to the latest technology. So I consider myself very fortunate to have joined Arrk. Now I am working on a project using a diverse range of leading edge technologies and the work is very interesting.

Rajesh, Arrk Senior Support Analyst

There’s something about the culture at Arrk that’s unique- everyone really pitches in to help each other out. Although we work hard, we play hard too. It’s like a family and I feel a real sense of belonging and a sense that I have the chance to make a difference.

Anagha, Arrk Team Leader

I used to work in a large IT company in India prior to joining Arrk but what I learnt in my duration there is nothing compared to what I have learnt here. I feel that the values I have gained from working in Arrk has made me a more complete, balanced and holistic person – the experience has transformed me, not just on the professional front, but also on the personal front.

Kiran, Arrk Project Manager

Don’t be fooled by the relaxed atmosphere at Arrk. I soon learned that just because the office is friendly and welcoming, it doesn’t mean that there is a casual attitude about work. In fact, right from the start I found the job challenging and it’s great to be able to make a real difference.

Debbie, Arrk Project Office Administrator

It was obvious that Arrk recruited people with experience and high level technical skills so I felt qualified to try. And I’m really glad I did because it’s a better place to work and I’m encouraged to improve all the time. I would say that if you think you have really good skills you should try to join us.

Ashish, Arrk Project Manager