Using Analytics to improve the User Experience

At Arrk, we start any new project with something called EmbArrk™. It is usually a two-week (sometimes shorter, sometimes longer) series of intensive workshops that kick-starts a project and manages to generate such animation and buzz within the Arrk and … Continued

Fail Fast, Fail Often | Explained

Described in The Globe and Mail as “the stupidest business concept of all time”, fail fast, fail often may be seen as a fast-track to bankruptcy among those who haven’t grasped the notion. However, among many leading start-ups and innovators, … Continued

White Paper: Putting The User First

Digital solutions should improve people’s lives. They should save time, save money and produce better outcomes for end users. To achieve this, it is critically important that customers are willing to use a digital service, and that they find it … Continued

User Centred Design Webinar

This webinar looks at what is meant by User Centred Design and its impact on the success of digital transformation projects. It’s not Visually Focused Design Though modern systems are complex and their outputs must deliver this information succinctly. It’s not Technology Based … Continued

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A guide to submitting iOS apps to iTunes

While authoring an application for the iOS platform is relatively straightforward and can incorporate the use of a variety of web-based skills, such as HTML or JavaScript, combined with a third party framework such as Titanium or Phonegap. Issues can … Continued