Values in practice

At Arrk Group we describe ourselves as a ‘values driven business’. Unlike some organisations our success is measured by the delivery of our values. These values drive and govern¬†Arrk Group’s philosophy behind its operations.

Creativity and innovation for the benefit of the Customer

We believe that to succeed we must embrace change, take creative and innovative approaches to problem solving and constantly seek opportunities to find new ways in which we can increase the value of our proposition to our Customers. Find out more about how we use continual innovation in all aspects of our service provision for the benefit of our Customers.

Focus on Customer Delight

We are guided in everything we do by attention to the needs of our Customers. It is from this that our success in all other areas follows. A desire to constantly exceed our Customers’ expectations underlies all of our decision-making processes. See how our Customer Charter acts as a cornerstone in shaping how we work with our Customers.

Personal and professional integrity

A fundamental tenet of all of our dealings with each other, our Customers and our other stakeholders is open, honest and transparent communication. We strive to achieve the very highest levels of personal integrity and always reward those who do the ‘right thing’. A pervasive sense of fairness and a commitment to achieving win-win outcomes governs much of our behaviour. Find out more about our culture and personality.

Global teamwork

We believe that superior teamwork is the key to superior results and that the whole is often greater than the sum of the parts. We therefore adopt an inclusive, team-based approach to all our activities. This co-operative approach extends beyond our organisation to our Customers and our other stakeholders.

Fulfilment of our potential

We have high expectations of ourselves and constantly seek new challenges as a means of invigorating and developing ourselves. We set ourselves stretching goals and accept nothing short of excellent performance.

Corporate Social Responsibility

From inception, we have had a progressive attitude towards Corporate Social Responsibility. Success at Arrk is not measured only in terms of financial performance, but rather by the extent to which Arrk’s operations have a positive impact on Arrk’s six stakeholder groups; employees, Customers, shareholders, partners, suppliers and the community at large. This strong stand, and Arrk’s pioneering work in corporate citizenship and community involvement, in particular the work of the Arrk Foundation in India, promises to make a real difference to the communities in which we operate.

Competing to win

We operate in an aggressive market. The continuing globalisation of business is bringing new competitive pressures under which we are superbly positioned to capitalise. Our vision of a £100m truly hybrid, horizontally integrated company, delivering leading edge technology, remains highly achievable. There is no doubt Рwe are in there to win!